The Craving for a cigarette builds, subsides, but then again. Like a wave.

“should those Who surf wants to get rid of his vices, on this wave and wait until the urge is over,” advises Michaela Goecke, Federal centre for health education (BZgA) in Cologne, Germany. The head of unit for addiction prevention recommends that prospective smokers, that is why the so-called 4-A-rule: Postpone! Dodge! Run! Distract!

4-A-rule: Postpone! Dodge! Run! Distract!

“When the Craving comes, it means the Request to postpone. Rather than reaching for the cigarette, giving way to one on ten deep breaths. This will work everywhere. Then you should run away from the risk situation – no matter how, the main thing is moving somehow. Finally, distract yourself with a crumple ball, one has for such cases in the bag, or lozenges,“ said Goecke in an interview with the dpa-themed service.

suck not lozenges with peppermint flavor made just for fresh breath, but had the side effect of tastes that a cigarette. The addiction expert advises smoke-stoppers in addition to all the paraphernalia around Smoking such as lighters, cigarette cases, ashtrays from the field-of-view: “Nothing to remember ‘Ah, there was something here’.”

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preparation: Which smoker are you?

type 1: Physically dependent

Prior to the project, and stop Smoking, should you be aware of what a Consumer is. A physical addiction is, for example, in the case of people who have the same thing in the morning, the Craving for a cigarette.

  • strategy: For people who are physically nicotine dependent, can it work with a nicotine replacement, for example as a patch on the skin better.

type 2: depending on the Situation

Smoking, in which the handle to the Fags on the other hand is a learned behavior, one should analyze, and when you resort to cigarettes. Risk situations can be the Morning coffee, the cigarette after a meal or Smoking to wine or beer.

  • strategy : you can drink A long time no Espresso or coffee, to run after eating a round with people who do not get together, the smoke also help the cigarette to wean.

And how do you deal with a relapse?

“think “Then I try it again in a year”, but immediately pull the ripcord and continue to motivate,” says Goecke. You know: “A smoker usually takes several attempts to become smoke-free.”

The BZgA supports Aufhörwillige with a free-of-charge available Start-up package. In addition to information, it includes a relax ball to Knead, lozenges, a tear-off calendar with motivations for the first 100 smoke-free days, as well as a self-test for tobacco dependency. Ordered it

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