The strong Export of Germany has made over the past few years, the export champion of the world. But that’s exactly why it would hit Germany particularly hard, if great Britain would uncontrollably withdraw from the EU and the customs Union. The consequences of this scenario, the Economists Hans-Ulrich Brautzsch, and Oliver repeated möller Leibniz Institute for economic research Halle (IWH), in a study that simulated in the present of the “world” exclusive.

study: especially the workers in car industry suffer from the Brexit

The result is: If the UK imports from the EU plummet by 25 percent – a number is expected, the majority of Economists – affects the Jobs of 100,000 Germans directly or indirectly. Would meet the especially the car industry: Here, about 15,000 jobs would be affected. PDF how to apply correctly! Our PDF guide shows you how you can present yourself optimally in your application.To the PDF guide

especially in the cities of Wolfsburg and the district of Dingolfing-Landau, the Economists. Several hundred Jobs would be affected in each case. The reason: Volkswagen, BMW and their suppliers would produce, thereby reducing the Brexit-job losses in Relation to Total employment the most serious.

to The South of the Federal Republic of Germany will be stronger

the district of Böblingen and the Märkische circle be strongly affected, since companies such as IBM, Siemens and some other export-oriented companies have their headquarters. affected Generally speaking, the South of the Federal Republic of Germany is affected strongly by the Brexit. Good news-after: Eastern Germany, Berlin and Pomerania should be little, if at all, not of an uncontrolled Brexit affected. PDF make a career and a Top salary earning In PDF guide you can find all the information about career management, self-marketing and how you can increase your chances of success in a targeted manner.To the PDF guide

“In no other state the effect on the total employment is as big as Germany,” quoted the “world” of the researcher. With 59,000 Jobs China is the second-most, followed by France with approximately 50,000 Jobs. Worldwide 612.000 Jobs to so many residents, such as Luxembourg, has to be affected by an uncontrolled Brexit.

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