The Reputation of the judiciary in Germany is dwindling dramatically. Only about 41 percent of all German citizens have large or very large confidence in the judiciary. In contrast, about 45 percent, their trust in the judiciary is low or very low. In the new Federal States, this applies even to around 52 per cent of the people.

a representative survey, which has been the FOCUS of the Online opinion research Institute Civey (Berlin) in order. The Online survey of more than 5000 election took part in a legitimate German from the age of 18.

reservations against the judiciary in the new Federal States, the greatest

Specifically, How large is your trust in the judiciary in Germany has answered the question “?” 44.9 percent of participants with “very low” or “rather low”. 40.9 percent of respondents said their confidence in the judiciary was “very large” or “rather large”. 14.2 percent of the electorate in the question of a draw. Civey/FOCUS Online

In similar surveys in the past years, Approval was significantly higher. In 2013, 77 per cent of the Germans surveyed had stated at a EU-survey from 15 years ago that they trusted the Court system. An Allensbach-survey from 2017, found that 68 percent of citizens aged over 16 years very much or quite a lot of confidence in the laws, 64 percent in the courts.

The latest survey for FOCUS Online shows that the judiciary enjoys particularly in the new länder a bad Reputation. Thus, only 3.3 percent of the East German “very large” confidence in the judiciary (in the West it is almost 11 percent). Almost a quarter (24.3 per cent) of East Germans this trust, however, is pronounced “very low”. In the West this applies to 16.8 percent.

a variety of trends for individual age groups. While the younger Germans (18-39 years) of the judiciary still tend to trust (around 45 percent), in the group of over 65-Year-old massive reservations find: Nearly 48 per cent indicated that their relationship of trust with the judicial system.

Big doubts that in court all men are created equal

That many German citizens have a critical or negative attitude towards the judiciary, is also in other aspects of the survey. So answered the question “do you Think that in Germany before the courts all people are equal?” more than 60 percent with a “rather no” or “no, definitely not”. Only a third of the Germans (33.3 percent) said “Yes, somewhat” or “Yes, definitely”. Civey/FOCUS Online

Yet clearly the vote is in the question: “do you Think there are regional differences in the hardness of the court rulings in Germany?” , More than 83 percent of all respondents answered “rather Yes” or “Yes, definitely”. The vast majority of the German proceeds on the assumption that a judge in Bavaria in favour of the same offence a different punishment as a judge, for example, in Schleswig-Holstein. Only 1.2 percent of the respondents believe that this “applies to any case”. Civey/FOCUS Online

results speak for troubled relationship to the rule of law

The survey results, the between the 14. and 28. December 2018 were collected, evidence of the increasingly tense relationship between Parts of the population and the judiciary. For many German judges are, apparently, only on paper regardless, a lot of doubt that all the people are in front of the court really. Adobe stock/iStock/Compositing: Sascha wine gartz court report: A YEAR IN GERMANY, COURTS

what is the everyday life in Germany’s justice really? What is not to be running around? How is it better? FOCUS Online is the whole 2019, in dishes on the road: There, where normal people fight for their rights. Where spectacular processes to run. Where Germany to redeem his promise must be able to trust to be a legal state, the people. Our reporters speak with judges, prosecutors, defendants, Victims and witnesses.

Here you will find all of the articles in the court reports.

in order To make two basic principles of the rule of law in question. To put it differently: they see a promise broken, given to you by the state and are even enshrined in the basic law. The very fact that such impressions can arise, is dangerous – regardless of whether you are entitled to.

FOCUS Online takes the results of the survey to the occasion, to report intensively about the legal system, and to investigate the question of whether the judiciary is really so bad as their reputation – or, in truth, much better. This does not happen from the Desk. For the big new justice series “A year in Germany’s courts” Reporter to pursue in the future, every week, processes in the whole country. The reader can look forward to exciting stories from the Court life. If you want to share with us your personal experiences with the judiciary, please email us at

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit expert explains how to make everyday police officers foreign enemies can


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