Volkswagen has shown an internal dealer training his new electric car range, which comes only from 2020 onwards in the trade and under the Label of “I. D.” and will. The “Handelsblatt” reported. Around 5000 dealers from all over Europe were sworn accordingly, on a cordoned-off area in Isenbüttel, lower Saxony, on the new VW strategy.

The group wants to be known, to expand its electric-range solid – for one, manufacturers such as Tesla to better compete and to reach the world’s most stringent CO2 limits, with which the EU has the European car industry occupied. “Our dealers are all entrepreneurs and need to timely understand where we want to go with the ID family, which force can develop for you and our brand,” cited the “Handelsblatt” Silke Bagschik, which is responsible for the Marketing of the new Stromer responsible.

price of the Stromer is still unknown

As the first model is expected for 2020 is a compact Stromer named Neo, depending on the chosen battery capacity of 300 to 500 miles. Along with the cars, the dealer also must get to know the wall boxes and sell charging stations for the domestic Garage, where the cars pins about night-time electricity. Also, the configuration of the cars should be easier. With only ten clicks on the Internet, the car should be configured. This means in reverse conclusion: There is significantly less equipment options. The VW Neo will be similar to the Tesla Model 3, a unit of electricity, for individualization gives, apart from a few colour and interior options, few possibilities. Thus, costs can be reduced. dpa/Volkswagen AG, I am a MEB: Its new platform for E-cars called VW “Modular electrification kit” (MEB). Also, the I. D. Neo should build from the end of 2019.

VW put almost what could be reported

The really interesting information – about the sales prices of electricity, as well as the dealer margin, meanwhile, remain in the dark. Anyway, the event in Isenbüttel stand under a special star: In an unprecedented action, Volkswagen had imposed only one in the industry is quite customary lock-up period, and the Photographing is prohibited. The group had also made a condition that the reports about the Event prior to the publication of the press Department . All of the reports on the event, therefore, enjoy with caution.

electric car cards trade

The nervousness of the VW group can be explained by the profound structural change in the industry. The E-car changed the view of market experts, the auto trading solid, again Tesla is taking a leading role: direct sales Tesla can do without the dealer margin as the profit reduction is complete . Dealer does not play only a minor role, especially since the Service-services for E-cars are so extensive as in the case of cars with internal combustion engines. The car manufacturers are currently examining how many distributors you will need in the future.

Open, meanwhile, is how quickly the so-called electro-will-turn. Volkswagen estimates that by 2025, every fourth car is sold with electric drive. In the case of other manufacturers like BMW or General Motors from the United States to plans with similar Numbers. The question remains: Are these expectations too optimistic? Or, the change in the opposite attracts, perhaps much faster than you expect it now?

How do I get customers to buy electric cars?

Because electricity for many customers in the sum of their properties is still not an Option and the manufacturer, to their multi-billion investment to recoup, also can not reduce the price any, the car maker faced with a Problem that they had neither the gasoline nor the Diesel ever: How do I sell a new type of engine that convinced itself only partially, to my clients as the best? Especially in the case of VW, the customers are as well burned children: for Years we sold the customer the diesel engine as the Optimum and then left them with fraud vehicles in the rain .

The “Expectation Gap”

The consulting firm Deloitte sees until 2025 is still a significant imbalance between the massive increase in production capacity and the actual demand for the Streamers. “The number of vehicles will exceed that in the course of the next decade, the projected demand of 14 million vehicles,” said the analysts.

Deloitte calls this the “Expectation Gap”: No manufacturer know whether the anticipated sales figures, but also can be realized. As a result of the competition will be significantly harder – and not all car manufacturers could survive the coming decade.

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