“according to our assessment, no factors that are likely to curb the increase in Rents,” said Director Lukas Siebenkotten. So supply and demand gaped, especially in large cities, conurbations and University cities, are still apart. The episode had strong rent growth in supply.

“Conceivable, not only in the extremely high-priced cities, the price increase slowed down, because the Rent here is affordable.” The high supply and re-letting rent would now beat the Rent in existing Mietsverhältnissen by said Siebenkotten. “The customary comparative rent is rising in cities expected to increase by 3 to 5 percent.”

national average now at 7 euros cold per square meter

after a year-long real-estate boom has continued, the increase in Rents last unabated. This shows an evaluation of the Hamburg Institute for urban, Regional and housing research (GEWOS). The quotation climbed for rent accordingly in the national average in the third quarter on a good 7 Euro cold per square meter. This is an increase of 3.9 percent within a year’s time. Buy, Rent or Build? (Display), you can Find the property of your dreams

Contrary to some forecasts no weakening of the rent increases is observed. On the contrary: “In comparison with the prior-year period, has dynamized the development of the Rent in order to continue,” said managing Director Carolin Wandzik. In the third quarter of 2017, the increase of 3.6 per cent was a little lower.

In cities, an average of 12 euros per square metre of cold

Particularly strong, Rents rose in the seven largest German cities, including Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. On average, they grew by 6.4 percent to just under 12 euros per square meter, cold. Were investigated, each of 80 square meters of housing (Age 30 years) at a medium location, and the usual equipment offered on the Online Portal Immobilienscout24.

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