The beginning of holperte with Michael Schumacher quite formidable. “To be quite honest, when I saw him for the first Time without a helmet, the impression was now not just mind boggling,” says his former Manager Willi Weber in an Interview with the “evening newspaper”. On the track it had been impressed with Schumacher, and “suddenly as a small scared little Kid stand but in front of me”.

Weber tried it yet with Schumacher, came out seven world titles in formula 1. Thanks to Schumacher’s unique penchant for perfection. “Michael Schumacher was able to ask you questions holes in the abdomen. He just wanted to know what he’s talking about,” says his former Mercedes team boss Norbert Haug.

Rosberg will be amazed by Schumacher

What did he do, wanted to make Schumacher properly. “One feature that I found really fascinating was the energy he put into this profession, into racing. That was awesome, limitless, and really incredible,” says Nico Rosberg, who was for three years Schumacher’s team-mate at Mercedes, as the celebrated after three years of Break, starting in 2010, a Comeback. Over a period of 21 years, he altered the formula 1 like no other Pilot.

His goal, he has early on, before their eyes, trained as a child, obsessed with his Fitness, winning as a youngster races under the absurd circumstances; for example, in his first year in formula sports, when a broken gear lever drilled through his Hand. Nico Rosberg (left) and Schumacher together for Mercedes

Schumacher image of a until the last muscles trained drivers athletes, T-Shirts and shirts, all the muscles were. it was early and drove to the sense He continued the fight for more security. Not without reason: after all, he experienced some of the darkest hours of the formula 1 up close.

Senna was Schumacher’s Idol – he was one

He was on 1. In may 1994 when Ayrton Senna, an icon of Motorsport’s Premier class, was killed in the accident in Imola. Schumacher wins the race he wins this year for the first Time in the world Cup. When he reached six years later, the victory brand of Senna, Schumacher after the Grand Prix of Italy in tears. He rarely shows up in public in such a way touched. imago/Horst müller Schumacher rose 1991 Benetton Ford

at the beginning of his formula 1 career, he looked to the Idol Senna, later, he was the model. “When I came in formula 1, Michael has dominated the Sport,” tells about Fernando Alonso about his start in 2001. “You’re sitting in a Go-Kart and see Michael win, you’re going in a different series and see Michael win and then you fight suddenly wheel-to-wheel with him. We have won the world Championships in Michael’s last two years at Ferrari. The were very Special and have an additional value because of Michael.”

What makes a world-class racer? “If the racing is sometimes a bit wrong from the outside, as it would be driven by madness. That’s exactly what it is not,” says Haug: “There is a high degree of control at the highest speed.”

fracture of the leg seemed to be in Silverstone

And the Knowledge that any error can have devastating consequences. Schumacher dominated the tightrope. In every way. He pushed the boundaries, the rules, the behavior on the track. Be the most serious formula 1 accident occurred in 1999 at Silverstone, Schumacher broke his Shin. A year later, his title began-the Era of Ferrari with five world Cup triumphs in the series.

“He has set a scale on dominance, even if it was sometimes controversial,” says Damon Hill. The 58-year-old Briton know what he’s talking about. In the list of the rivals, who fought with Schumacher for the world Cup, also appears in Hill. In 1994 the two world Cup opponents drove into the car in 1995 had Hill again to his rivals in the Benetton beaten. In 1996, the British defeated the Germans.

the ascent from humble beginnings

Schumacher earned his successes. A car mechanic, no wealthy parents, the father worked as a groundsman of a go-kart track, the mother operating the Kiosk. The rise of a simple boy from a simple background.

four years ago, he sat in the Kart – better: in a Kettcar with a Moped motor drive on the track in Kerpen, which was dedicated to the former pilots of Graf Berghe von Trips. “Schumacher was in a young age, often in the rain, to the technical shortcomings of the Eigenbaus balance. Here is the Foundation for the unique mastery of the vehicle of the later world champion,” writes the magazine “Auto, Motor und Sport” in a special edition for the 50th. Birthday of Schumacher.

In the car, he always felt most comfortable with. And the shy boy, he turned quickly into a legend.

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