In the past few weeks, has engaged the end of the INF Treaty between Russia and the USA, politicians and the Public. Now another issue is acute: New Figures show a new, worrying development in the Middle East.

According to the study, “Munich Security Report”, which will be presented today, Monday – a few days before the Munich security conference, have doubled the weapons purchases in the crisis-ridden Middle East in the past five years. This increase fits in time with the troop-withdrawal of the USA from the Region.

the New arms race in the Middle East

Seven of the ten countries with the highest military expenditure come according to the study from the Middle East. The authors of the study warn that’s why in front of a new arms race in the Region, because not only Western allies such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, and Kuwait to buy more weapons.

a special danger comes from Iran, the booting of the other States in the Middle East, in the meantime, in the number of tanks and U-but also soldiers, is clearly superior.

Who is supplying weapons in the Region?

According to the report, just over half (53 per cent) were supplied the armaments to the Middle East from the USA. Far behind France (eleven percent) and the United Kingdom follow. The share of German arms exports is just three percent.

But not only in the Middle East, the world has become more unstable. The safety report lists ten crises that threaten the world of the year 2019. FOCUS Online gives you the Overview.


Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. This could be exacerbated according to the study, in 2019. Already in 2018, reigned there, the lawlessness. 24 million people are in need of help. Solved the conflict can be in the opinion of the researchers only, if the main actors agree on a partial ceasefire and to begin again to build mutual trust.


More than 40,000 soldiers and civilians have died in 2018 in Afghanistan. More than ever before, since the US toppled the Taliban government 17 years ago. Nevertheless, the Taliban still control about half of the country. The announcement by the Americans that half of their armed withdraw the forces now, for the agitation – because the allies, like Germany, would rely on a U.S. withdrawal the country. The achievements of the past years may be lost.

Saudi Arabia:

The Situation in the Middle East between Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran in 2019 remains extremely tense. Small, unintended maneuvers could trigger a major confrontation. Israel, Saudi Arabia and its ally United States share the opinion that the regional ambitions of Iran must be contained. “The risk of a random collision in the Yemen, the Persian Gulf, in Syria or in Iraq can not be excluded,” write the authors of the safety report.


The civil war in Syria will also go in 2019. Reason for this is mainly the announcement of a withdrawal of U.S. troops. This has increased the likelihood of a bloody conflict between Turkey, Syria’s allies – the Syrian Kurds and the Assad Regime and the terrorist militia Islamic state, this may be a new lease on life. Syria is a place where the Chaos can thrive.

tensions with China:

The conflict between the United States and China, although not fatal, but still “only” a trade war. Nevertheless, the rhetoric is becoming increasingly sharper. The experts at the Munich security conference, believe that the rivalry could have serious geopolitical consequences. Finally, the relations to China were already at the worst level since the massacre in Tiananmen square in 1989.


In the spring of Nigerians elect a new President.. According to the safety report, are facing elections in which it got to in the past, violent clashes, violence. The uncertainty in the country remains very high. Adobe stock/iStock/Compositing:Sascha Weingartz safety report, GERMANY

security is more than a feeling. It is the prerequisite for freedom and democracy. But safety is not a matter of course. They must be defended every day, against extremism, terrorism, Organised crime, cyber attacks. In a large series of FOCUS Online gives those people a voice, whose Job is to Germany’s security: police officers, soldiers, civil guards, and politicians. We analyze what needs to be improved and show new ways to a secure future in Germany.

Here you will find all of the articles in the safety reports.


Since the beginning of the civil war in southern Sudan five years ago, 400,000 people have died. 2022 there should be, finally, elections. It is questionable whether the crisis in the country, has destabilized South Sudan until then, completely.


A crisis in Cameroon is imminent, according to the safety report shortly. The authors write that a citizen threatening to break out war that could destabilize the country. Cameroon has been a relatively peaceful country to a crisis-ridden continent. But in the meantime, many of the separatist militias fighting against government forces. The UN’s count, almost half a Million Displaced persons.


In the Ukraine conflict continues with no end in sight. The result: Russia and the West to distance itself further from each other. At the latest since the crisis in the Azov sea, as Russian and Ukrainian ships rammed each other, has reached the conflict to a new stage.


The country with its huge Oil reserves, threatens to implode. The economy is threatening in free fall, a devastating social impact and the political institutions are in the process of dissolving. The political unrest could trigger according to the authors of the safety report, a regional crisis in Latin America.

In the Bit Projects China and Russia are superior to: US think-tank, and raises the Alarm: “Our Navy would fail in case of an emergency”


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