The search for the motive of an intruder at the airport in Hannover has investigators on Sunday. The man was driven with a car on the apron of the airport of Hannover and had the entire air traffic for hours is lame. The captured-in-law, however, to the fact, as a spokesman for the Federal police said on Sunday. The Suspect should be presented in the course of Sunday a judge, after he had made no statements to the fact, and to his subject.

the nationality of the suspects is reported to be now. The man was sitting, a 21-year-old Pole without a German living. He is said to have confessed to the time of the crime under the influence of drugs. A Test has reacted positively to cocaine and amphetamines. Despite the unclear Motives there is “no evidence of any terrorist backgrounds”, police said in Hanover on Sunday.

Opened locked gate

On Saturday afternoon, the air traffic had been stopped because of the incident for four and a half hours. The 21-Year-old had broken into, according to the Federal police, a locked gate by force, and had driven his BMW to the airport. There the man stopped under one on the run-up to the plane, where officials of the Federal police overpowered him. He should have resisted. How the man could manage to open the locked gate, is currently being investigated. dpa air traffic was moved to the temporarily set

Whether and what are the consequences for the security concept, was initially unclear. Airport spokesman Sönke Jacobsen said on Saturday evening, just hours after the incident, it was still too early to say whether the safety concept had to be revised.


normalizes The Federal police was satisfied with the adopted security mechanisms The forces were immediately intervened. That a Person can get on the apron, was never to exclude completely. The aviation expert Cord Schellenberg praised the measures taken by the Federal police. “It is perfectly true that the operation of the aircraft to be initially set so that passengers and employees can be affected,” he said. Nevertheless, he wonders how anyone at all on the airport grounds can penetrate.

Meanwhile, has returned to a normal operation at Hanover airport. Travelers should not expect major wait times, said an airport spokeswoman on Sunday. Overall, significantly fewer Connections from the incident had been affected than initially specified. You have deleted five landings and four take-offs, eight machines flew late.

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