the closed meeting of the CSU – this is commonly referred to: snow, bitter cold and neat beef in the Pad. This time, however, social Bundestag’s Deputy missing during a Meeting of the Christian in Seeon an Element of the Bavarian Trias. It is neither the snowstorm nor the Trembling, the absence of this year.

the CSU is a reminder, in the Winter of 2019 is hardly to the CSU in the late summer of 2018. Between the miracle of conversion seeds before the Epiphany, months of bad headlines and existence-threatening divergences in the Union, a time of serious populism-allegations and a really bad Landtag result. What may have accelerated the conversion: it is there, and is unmistakable.

Harder, other sound

The most important actors of the CSU – the future party Chairman Markus Söder, the country of group leader Alexander Dobrindt and the outgoing party Chairman Horst Seehofer are now temperate in the language, and decided in the matter. You want to establish the CSU, apparently again as a strong and constructive force. Key signals of the closed meeting in Seeon: better equipment for the armed forces, more money for the defence of the country, relief for the companies, tougher action in the case of expulsions, especially when it comes to the perpetrators of violence. And all this to be set in a sober tone, in a largely entgifteter atmosphere. In the peace with the sister party.

Not a member of the political geeks-caste

just as one imagines a Formation of the conservative middle, so the CSU has an important role in Germany’s party landscape.

no, the CSU will not romp in a political nerd-caste of the well-behaved and Discreet. Sure, the peace between the CDU and the CSU will not hold forever. Certainly, Söder and Dobrindt also anno 2019 will not be the thickest of friends. But The party wants to adopt recognizable by their rowdy escapades. Or at least reduce it significantly. And this is very pleasing.

“Spirit of the European idea”

Clear indication: a Good four months before the European elections, the Christian social flock to the EPP top candidate, Manfred Weber (CSU). You are clearly determined, the content of the double game of the last European election for the EU to confess, but at the same time permanent basic reservations of Stoke – to end. “It is one of the most challenging questions, if we can keep the Spirit of the European idea again in the heart of the company”, said Dobrindt today. to convey

Europe is hard work; it’s worth it. The Bavarian Union politicians want to hang now, obviously powerful in this task. There’s got to be in their ranks some of the trees brought down, they were driven from CSU-strategists five years ago.

The CSU sees a Chance for renewal, she deserves this Chance. The fact that you will be watched for a while more critical than it used to be, they themselves are not entirely innocent.

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