The men have eaten so much chalk that you could nachweißeln so effortlessly, the flowers, the white walls of the monastery complex, in the upper Bavarian Seeon. On arrival at the Bavarian venue for the country group Chairperson Alexander Dobrindt, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder, and the outgoing party chief Horst Seehofer so happily to the beat-gentle sounds that some connoisseurs of the CSU begins almost shy. Their meetings were usually safe riot dates in the policy year. This time, three-day peace are imminent apparently. “Dear Markus” here, “dear Alexander” there. Nice Gestures to the outside, nice Gestures to the inside – so the CSU starts to the year 2019.

the conciliatory Christmas season should be extended not only to king, but – it goes to the CSU – a year-round large koalitionäres event.

“paralyzes the dispute, the dispute is annoying”

“We want to show the cohesion of the community, the community of fate of the CDU and the CSU offensive”, announced Dobrindt at the beginning of the meeting, the member of the Bundestag. Unity is “the highest Good”, accompanied Seehofer. “Dispute paralyzes, dispute, bored and armed sucks”, lectures Söder. It is the party younger, more female and even wider, in order to respond to changes in society, urging the CSU-boss-in-waiting. His party wants “a constructive and also much more sympathetic attitude scissors to appeal to broader layers”. And more than the CSU of intent for the new year.

Clear message: The CSU, which managed to offend the offensive with the CDU in the refugee issue in populist tones hit, the formulated the a farewell to multilateralism – it is not. Dobrindt stressed that CSU needs to appeal to a mid – wide, including democratic Rights. “Populists” and “fear mongers” would be recorded as an opponent of the CSU. Wants to integrate to the right, but not at any price. Course correction without (explicit) message.

The bad result of the CSU in the state elections is likely to have accelerated this learning process enormously. dpa Alexander Dobrindt (l), leader of the CSU land group chief, rings in addition to Markus Söder (CSU), Minister President of Bavaria, a little bell for the opening of the Winter conference of the CSU land group in the Bundestag in the monastery of Seeon

(Re-)birth of a constructive party

At the retreat in Seeon, the Christian social the (stage-)birth of a cooperative and constructive party. Whether the Christian social do it on a permanent, political animosities for the sake of your party, easy to hide? Because in the future none of the three party leaders of the Grand coalition is more represented in the government, cooperation is more important than ever. In a year, in may the European elections and in Bremen as well as in the fall, three major decisions in the new countries coming on, the the more. CSU to the outside world: We have at least understood. How quickly the outside world will in turn adjust your CSU-Image must show.

Even behind closed doors, it went at the Start of the three-day retreat kindly. Dobrindt called on, according to information from FOCUS Online, differences within the party family as something Positive. And he also ordered his invitation, the new CSU Chairman Annegret kramp-karrenbauer to Seeon.

some of the “Hartz IV” with the SPD?

The absence of armed power, at least for the first clear view of the (actual) political work of the CSU and their plans. You want to ease deportations of rejected asylum seekers, especially the violent criminals among them. You want to prevent, “that in the case of repeat offenders a suspended sentence after the other”. She wants Germany to compete in the corporate taxes in the international competition better and argues for a reduction in rates. Clear the edge, moderate sound.

And again and again – whether in front of the camera, or beyond all micro-phone – emphasize CSU-sizes, that you “want to” discuss everything with the SPD. At most, in the case of the Hartz IV reforms, one might have a glimpse of delicate differences when Söder calls for “optimization”, but “no Revision”. The need for the time being, as the evidence used that the new CSU “profile”, such as the future party chief Söder said. In the future, so it’s going to be a CSU-profile, the Grand coalition-compatible. dpa statement to the press at the launch of the CSU-winter retreat

The Grand coalition to give a Chance

The Bayern calculate, apparently, with a longer time of political recovery. Because – almost incidentally – has Dobrindt announced that he wants to go with this large a coalition as possible in the full four years. “We want to work to ensure that this inventory, which takes place in the middle of the year, a positive Signal for a more stable government in Germany to run out.”

So could the coalition soon, the views of the SPD, which is languishing for months at values around 15 percent. To provoke new elections in this situation for more than risky. It is quite possible that the social Democrats will remain in cover, and as a third constructive force in this coalition. Then might be – who would have guessed that in the height of summer – many of the censure doesn’t do on the Grand coalition last autumn as premature. The CSU, however, this coalition is a real opportunity and want to make their contribution.

black double: “AKK”, and Dobrindt

And then Dobrindt has announced an appointment today. “There is also a closing press conference.” Generally, these notes are nothing more than the driest and most regulations. In this case, but it is a political Signal: Dobrindt is Saturday, together with Kramp-karrenbauer, the journalists questions. After the life-threatening dispute between the sister parties in the summer, the announcement of this double of is a small political issue. Message: The Union wants to be a real Union. Kramp-Karrenbauer, it will be right. And from the CDU scramble to the future role of Friedrich Merz, the little sister holds once out. New CSU-feeling.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the most popular top-of-the politician of the year


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