“The Deal is progressing very well”: China and the United States approach to

Sunday, 30. December, 05.15 PM: China and the United States see the negotiations on a solution to the trade conflict are on a good path. The both sides stated at the weekend after a phone call between U.S. President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping.

“We hope that the two Teams will meet half-way, hard work and an early conclusion of an agreement,” said Xi Jinping, according to a report from the Chinese state broadcaster CGTN after the interview with Trump on Saturday.

Also, the US President presented a possible agreement in the trade dispute. He had led a long and good telephone conversation with China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping, wrote Trump on Twitter. “The Deal is progressing very well,” wrote Trump. When he is come, he will be very comprehensive, all topics and all areas and sticking points deal, said the US President. “Great progress!”, Trump wrote.

Friday, 14. December 2018, 11: 45 a.m.: of China in the trade dispute with the United States, the punitive tariffs on cars and car parts from the United States for three months. This applies from the 1. In January, the government announced in Beijing on Friday. In the summer, it had raised customs duties on American cars of ten to 35 per cent in response to U.S. punitive tariffs on Chinese Goods.

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