In the corresponding message of the American Ministry of foreign Affairs, the people’s Republic of preventing US citizens in the country occasionally in it, to leave China again. The Chinese Regime is the so-called “Exit Bans on turning”, for example, in order to secure the cooperation of the U.S. citizens in the determination of any questions or in order to attract Chinese nationals back into the country.

Especially of these measures, U.S. citizens who also have a Chinese passport. “China does not recognise dual citizenship”, – stated in the message.

criticism of re-education camps,

Separately, the Ministry warns the outside in front of a residence in the provinces of Tibet and Xinjiang. In Xinjiang under the Chinese Regime suppressed the resident Muslim Uyghur minority with totalitarian methods. According to Reports from human rights organizations, held camps in Xinjiang, a Million people in re-education.

The United States had criticised China several times in recent months for its treatment of the Uighurs. The American UN special envoy Mark Cassayre had requested China in November, the “hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people to release immediately”. The Chinese government denies that a mass detention of Muslim minority against any evidence.

dispute of the two super-powers

The travel warning comes at a time in the American-Chinese relationship is extremely tense. The two largest economic powers in the earth had occupied in the last few months, with additional import duties on goods with a total value of more than $ 300 billion (262 billion euros). The trade dispute sent temporarily to the stock exchanges on a descent and impacted the global economy.

U.S. President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping had agreed, however, at the beginning of December on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Argentina on a truce in the Trade dispute and the suspension of further punitive tariffs agreed. In January want to put negotiators from Washington and Beijing.

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