to claim the child benefit you have from the month in which your child is born. It is then paid out in the course of the month. The day this happens depends on the last number the child benefit number you get after applying for informed. If, for example, has the number 2, you would have to on 8. this month, children receive money. FOL

Who gets child benefit?

child benefit you receive for all minor children they serve regularly and who live in your household. This includes stepchildren, grandchildren or foster children count, according to the Federal employment Agency. A precondition for entitlement to child benefit is that your place of residence in Germany, another country of the EU, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Switzerland.

children who are pursuing training or a degree, can also be over the age of 18. Age related, children, money. Maximum age of the beginning of the 25. Year of life. In the case of the unemployed, children, the limit is at 21. Years of age. FOCUS ONLINE salary tax calculator

How much net from gross?

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How much child benefit will I get?

kids money part is always a Person, usually a parent. For the first and second child, you get 194 Euro for the third child and € 200 and the fourth child for each additional 225 euros. As of July, the entire sentence is raised to ten euros per child. These are the ten best health insurance companies

How can I apply for child benefit?

you only need to submit an application to the family Fund of the Agency. This can also be done online on the website of the employment Agency. It is required only a certificate, that the child lives with you and a birth certificate must be submitted within six months after the birth. If your child is over 18 years old, you will also need a School, training or higher education certificate.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Almost 350 million Euro kids money to foreign accounts hog child benefit amount to apply for


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