The Federal government have taken both of these acts “with dismay”, said the Deputy government spokeswoman Martina Fietz on Wednesday in Berlin. Germany has no place for extremism and intolerance, regardless of where such behavior was coming. The Federal government is doing everything we can to fight this “compromise”.

Fietz argued in the face of a discussion about how to evaluate these operations, it was “little sense” concepts and lead to semantic debates. Any kind of violence is to be condemned, said Fietz. On a comparison with the operations in Chemnitz, you don’t want to get involved.


According to a spokesperson of the interior Ministry Department head Horst Seehofer wants to the announced changes in the law, among other things, to the improvement of the deportation of delinquent asylum seekers in the next few weeks. Whether the attacks of the Germans in Bottrop made Changes to the law required, was not in sight.

The speaker did not want to indicate the fact in Bottrop as an act of terrorism. It was the criminal act of a single Individual, whose Background would have to inform the investigative authorities. The 50-year-old man had controlled the car in Bottrop and Essen, according to information of the NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) – confident in groups of people, which consisted primarily of foreigners. Prosecutors and police spoke of a “targeted attack”.

In the Bavarian town of Amberg had beaten four suspects aged 17 to 19 years, from Syria, Afghanistan and Iran on Saturday evening under the influence of alcohol passers-by suddenly. Twelve people were slightly injured. After the Beatings Seehofer confirmed its intention to tighten the immigration rules.

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