tiger male Asim went to the female los. Zoo staff had tried to Asim with loud noises and light a fire to distract, but the Tiger would have overwhelmed Melati already. As it was succeeded to bring Asim in a separate enclosure, have animal doctors can only determine the death of the tiger female.

tiger male Asim was brought in the hope of Sumatra-Tiger-young in London. The visit was part of a European breeding programme for the conservation of rare animals. In the message of the London zoo, it was said to be “devastated” and “inconsolable” about the loss of the tiger female. “Like all big cats, first-time encounters are assessed, no matter how carefully planned, are always very risky,” it says.

The animals had been in adjacent enclosures, the opportunities to get used to each other. Experts would have perceived positive signals and the timing for a mating attempt, as correctly perceived.

Bit Projects Leopard sneaks to zookeeper ran be Tiger saves him from an attack, nuclear power plant/Reuters


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