The small, thin man is as creators of something like the silence of intellectuals among the Elderly: grey glasses, a subtle poet and more proficient in spite of Smoking Heather,. “I’m det Chicks here.”

Moabit, between the landwehrkanal and the prison. Above the small shop with a simple inscription: “meeting place for 50 +”. The rubber tree in the window with a Curtain and a bookcase like fool: a clip-on revealed at the end of mixture of relative Tidiness, creative Chaos and heart attack the coffee.

The walls are covered including the kitchen with pictures. The visitors sit sort the table in the main room, pack, frame. Photographs, Oil Paintings, Watercolors. Getting a little hustle on. The next neighborhood meeting. “It’s a beautiful opportunity to show what we’ve painted in the last year,” says Sylvie Steinberg, Meyer (69). “The last Time a lot of people have bought a lot of pictures. And that’s not out of pity“. Image: security guards running group meeting point 50+.

greed, cher leans back and takes another Cup of coffee. “My desire is, that it is in walking distance of the Old everywhere in Berlin, a lot of small units. Because we must not forget: The Old wheels, Yes only at us! It will be not less, but much more. And the old care of once the are away from the window. In Moabit, we are, except for the St. John’s Church, the Only ones who are doing something for seniors.“

shop in Pankow rented

the Arm of The Moabites “godfather” is extensive: On its contact Elke Schilling (74) got a volunteer operator of the seniors hotline “silver power” in Pankow (COURIER reported), the shop in Pankow – time, rent-free. . Maybe also, just because Greed is linked by its typical Berlin career with all the UPS and Downs well.

The native of Moab, learned photo lab technician, worked in a children’s home and went into the second-chance education. Educator training, spasticity help in psychiatry, are studying psychology at the Humboldt-University. Care service. “This has shaken me. This inhuman minutes.“

The subject of “social management”, he graduated with grade One. Greed, cher has always been political, he is still in the SPD’s active. But he is also a Realist. “From the Berlin policy, we must not expect too much. Sleeping funny is in front of, for example, in residential construction, the next issue for our seniors.“ Most recently, he completed the accounting in the Moab club “Cheeky Sparrow”, take care of, especially young people. Student Stores, Nurseries, Youth Clubs. At 62, he retired. “770 Euro, very lush,” he says. Our true heroes

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painters ‘ group, theme days, drink a coffee

a friend and his daughter, the idea was born: “It would be nice if we could have in the vicinity of a club, where you do something together.” He wrote a concept, founded the Association, opened the shop apartment. A few pieces of furniture were already in there. He then presented claims to the district management East. “That was not so easy. We are here so something like a border region.“ But it works fine now.

With the first funds of the group, topics days from Theodor Fontane to-day politics, drink coffee, and then relaxation exercises. One day snowing, Jörg from the sports office in Berlin-Moabit in: “man of the people, don’t you want to be a running group?” Since then, they have to run. Every Wednesday from 12.15 PM, the Landwehr canal to the end. With or without Nordic Walking Sticks, depending on your ability, desire or whim.

There was a art teacher, the painting classes organized. “We keep the fun?” You can do a lot better, they found out. You were making films. Painted, what held the stuff. A 90-year-old lady came, who lives across the street. Former Pianist. “She has been enrolled now in a nursing home, but is still fit and inspires us musically. Once in the week, she leads us through the classic,“ says Greed.

A former teacher, lectured yesterday on Heinrich Heine, part two. Waltraud, another local resident, told about a school that she had founded, once in Mozambique. Fritz, the old Journalist, gives like insight into the current sport, by Jogi to Kloppo and figure skating. “Great people to come here,” says Greed. Image: guardian Sylvia Steinberg-Meyer from the Malkreis prepares an exhibition.

“I’m sitting here under my previous nursery”

Alone Silvie Steinberg, Meyer loves to sit off in the kitchen. It’s for a reason. “I grew up in the apartment directly above the Store. For decades I dreamt that the apartment would be free again: you can move in here!“. It was not to be. But as greed cher, eighth of the Load up, you felt addressed directly. Now she comes almost every day from Steglitz. “This is, perhaps, the age of sentimentality. But I sit here now, under my previous nursery and do what I did: Paint.“

Sometimes greed cher around to be screwed onto the computers, a Hobby. PC courses? No subject in Berlin-Moabit. He makes himself. Sometimes he writes poems. Sometimes he presents it in the Store, selected love poetry of the world literature. “Home to sit around and whine? I had to make a wat,“ he says and puffs for the first time one in front of the door, cold or not.

“With thanksgiving, by the way, my former boss Michael Wiesemann-wagons Gruber from the Cheeky Sparrow has for us here at all.” For his work he has received an “honorary award” of the district center. “A year or two ago”. It’s not that important to him.

“Berlin’s policy, it would be all right, cynically said, when all were dying in silence”

Back in the Warm, at the table, sits, his Ex-wife, Renate Gier (69). The vultures know how the go together, anyway, she has co-founded the Association. Every Monday and Wednesday, you is here, and iron.

Although she lives now in Wedding. Of Moab, the godfather leans back a little. “You know, the Berlin policy, it would be all right, cynically said, when all are dying in silence. But there are still a few that make a difference.“

meeting place for 50+, Melanchthon straße 15, Tel.: 0159-03488555,

This article was written by Helmut Kuhn

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