The alarm clock rings in the morning. Half four. Get up. And to the office. The last day of the winter Olympic games begins for me with a night-time drive through the empty streets of Munich. This time no one is still awake.

A few hours later. We at the polling numbers you see on this Sunday morning. The ice-hockey final of the winter games between Germany and Russia is developing in a dramatic and emotional battle that will stay with me for a long, long in the memory.

Not because of the sudden end with the disappointing outcome, not because of the pictures, the supplies of this duel, not because of the huge interest in this game. dpa Germany delivers an incredible game.

But because of all of this, what this was. All of the values and virtues that allowed the German team to be in a few days at the Olympics from an ordinary Team is a close-knit unit notice. To a unit that was much, much, much, played a lot better trust than you could ever be.

The German ice hockey team stunned at the Olympics with a team in the Sport – and strong. Conviction, Focus, And Cohesion. And much more.

they fought from round to round. After a dramatic semi-final victory over Canada up to the final. There, she comes back after a delay, later on, even shortly before the Gold, then fails in the extension. And is games however, the big winner of the winter. And my sports year.


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