years Ago, the now-former Volkswagen Board member for development, Ulrich Hackenberg retreated with his entourage in a silent room, and ersonn together with the modular transverse Toolkit, which should carry the group in a promising technology for the future. On the variables of the base plate with a transverse-engine, Front – or all-wheel drive should be within a few years, almost all of the models with the VW Logo on the radiator grill on the go. Add to that a significant part of the group’s vehicles mention below the middle class, with models from Seat, Audi or Skoda.

Transverse matrix made VW-production of flexible

No wonder that the spectrum from the small Seat Ibiza to the VW Passat (European model) up to 5,04-Meter-long VW Atlas / Terramont is now on-highly cross-modular on the go. Small downside to the large scalability, the high cost, which could give the Volkswagen group to date, however, successfully on to the customers. One of the few exceptions in the group of the American Passat, which is screwed in the US plant in Chattanooga. Also in its latest edition (Premiere at the NAIAS in 2019), it remains at the much lower PQ35 platform – the customer doesn’t mind. Volkswagen VW I. D. Crozz II

The requirements of a new modular as a variable platform for the new electric generation were high. With him the developers had a Chance to start at zero. A large part of the future electric models will be, therefore, on the modular electric kit on the way. The beginning of the VW ID makes the beginning of 2020. Neo, to celebrate its world premiere this fall. According to information from the development managers, the new MEB platform for electric vehicles is still scalable as the MQB architecture.

electric Skateboard

The new battery Skateboard is intended to give the wolf burgers with a significant competitive advantage over the competition, in a short time, several electrified ID.-To develop vehicles. You have the choice of rear – or all-wheel drive, as well as a wide range in wheelbase and track width. The structure is widely variable. From a small electric Buggy to the electric VW Bus with a long wheelbase, a lot is in the planning stage. The goals are set high, because by 2025, 15 to 20 percent of the company’s models to drive electrically.

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“This is a platform to generate volume by the same parts to be used in a variety of models,” says Tino Fuhrmann, project leader and head of the MEB model series, “we have less deviations than that of the MQB.” This greater flexibility than in the case of MQB, on which the company is about to build 80 percent of its current model portfolio, has meant that Tino Fuhrmann and his team have studied the now five-year-old MQB platform carefully, to see where in relation to the electrical drive improvements are possible. “Everything we know from MQB, we put in the MEB clean,” says Fuhrmann , “in order to achieve the best possible scaling.”

competitors put on the SUV

While competitors such as BMW, Mercedes, Kia or Jaguar with the introduction of the in-house electric models preferably on SUVs, Volkswagen, seemingly of its compact volume of traditions from the beetle and the Golf required, and thus follows the electric pioneers like Renault or Nissan. The first electric branch, which is to usher for the brand from Wolfsburg in a new era, is the ID. Neo, the rolls on 19 – and 20-inch rims. All the electric cars in Germany: Configurator, test, data, test drives

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“For our larger models like the SUV with all-wheel drive are even up to 750 mm diameter in there,” says VW development chief Frank Welsch, “the new MEB-platform.” The development Board that came three years ago from Skoda to Volkswagen, was involved in the formation of the electric family from the beginning. “Currently, we are engaged in the development to around 40 percent with the I. D.-models. Some things we need to test again and again, since we can’t use the MQB on appropriate bases.“ Ingo removable schee VW I. D. Neo

Visually, the electrical ID. Neo in comparison to the almost the same time, new Volkswagen Golf VIII, like a vehicle from the future. This applies equally to Design and engineering for the new electrical platform gave both the Design and the development team with completely new possibilities. The Overhangs are short, the wheelbase is about ten inches longer than the Golf and the tailgate is mandatory from a black plastic. “The car is 99% made of steel,” says ID.-Neo’s chief engineer, Frank Bekemeier, “aluminum and other components were used in the first line in the crash structures.

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The topic of weight is not so crucial; because we will benefit in the recuperation and the maximum torque from the Start is applied to.“ In the new platform, the battery packs are variable to install. “The battery packs are built up in us like a bar of chocolate,” explains Dr. Frank Welsch, the structure of the built-in Pouch cells, “we can therefore set a variable in the different models.” press-inform / VW is Also the I. D. Buzz away is based on the I. D on the

engine –

the space in The interior of at least one class is due to the new electrical platform greater than in the Gulf, because without the combustion engine bulkhead and dashboard were able to slide to the front. In addition to a breezy Design with two separate Displays at the front in the back about seven inches more legroom. The center console has a large bin, the control modules are almost slipped completely in the touch screen, and each of the driving levels, you put on a coarse rotary switch to the right of the instrument unit. The larger wheelbase makes, not least in the rear, where there is the Neo, as well as its successor models of the ID.-Family significantly more space than a nitro model.

27 Stromer 2022

by 2022, wants to bring the Volkswagen group 27 vehicles on the new MEB platform on the markets. In addition to the models with the VW Logo also Seat, Audi and Skoda to bring electric MEB models, which are likely to bring the gas portfolio in distress. This should also make premium models such as Audi Q2 and Q3, the Ingolstadt-based company not only work with high pressure on the production model of the four-door sports sedan E-Tron GT , but also a compact mid-size SUV, which is intended to represent the entry in the E-Tron-world. The model should be positioned purely electrically driven between Q2 and Q3. His platform: the modular electric modular MDBs. Due to its positioning and the expected pricing under 40,000 euros, the new compact Crossover is likely to E-SUV is most likely the best selling-Tron, when he comes in 2021 on the market.


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