men who do not have all of the male sex organs, in the future, can nevertheless, in the case of the Federal police and the Federal criminal police office work. This is the “WAZ reported now”. The interior Minister of the Federal government and the States wanted to ensure in the future, by eliminating a provision that would prevent the currently. The response of the Ministry of interior to a request from the FDP group, the Funke media group.

“The police service regulation 300” establishes the physical requirements for service in the Federal police and describes in detail which characteristics lead to exclusion. It is so far established, among other things, that the “loss or this is the equivalent of atrophy of both testes” does not exclude the suitability for the police service generally, is it in the rule. In addition, it must be according to the rules, in the case of Applicants, the male and female “hormone system intact”. Variations of sex development, for example, in the case of trans and intersex people, are not provided for in the rule.

These criteria will be eliminated, according to “WAZ”. A working group of the Federation and the länder to Revise the rule have been completed, according to the Ministry of the interior of your work in November, the group’s report should be approved in the spring. Then the rules Commission should be entrusted with a Revision of the rule, stated in the response to the request. Basically, being waived in the case of setting examinations to an examination of these criteria.

“Good police work does not depend on gender, to share”

Jens Brandenburg, speaker of the FDP parliamentary group for issues of Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and Intersex (LGBTI), welcomed the decision to change the rule. “This is a good Signal for all trans and intersex people who want to work in the police service for our country,” said Brandenburg, the WAZ. “Good police work depends on neither gender nor a gender-specific hormone system.” It is good that the Minister of the interior, have recognized this “nonsense”.

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