a judge over this dispute is public opinion, whose “thumbs up or down” is observed by both parties closely: who wins or loses in the state in which constituency? Who is how long in the tightly closed ranks, or some of the members are slipping out their own career in view?

the political reporting in the United States is currently a party, as she is otherwise. And since it is usually very one-sided, it means that there is now not a Millimeter of Overlap. The reports on the budgetary dispute, the project to build Mexico wall, and the closure of the Federal authorities, to heat both sides of the medium correctly. They shrink in this way, the room for compromise by external pressure and trade to demand to be uncompromising positions. About the experts

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jäger holds the chair for International politics and foreign policy at the University of Cologne since 1999. His research interests are in international relations, and American and German foreign policy.

On the one hand, the President of Trump comes behänd of his claim to get money for the construction of the wall approved. On the other hand, the new democratic leadership, strengthened to prove the majority in the house of representatives for one of their own, that they appearance hard, and these funds will not approve. Money’s not the issue at all. Whether the 1.3 billion dollars that want to set up Democrats for border security, or 5.6 billion dollars, wants to be the Trump for the construction of the wall: in the U.S. Budget, such amounts not to fall. It comes to icons. While you can share money, which is why Vice President Pence, Yes, suggested to some at 2.5 billion, the icons are not cut in half. Therefore, all are to each other the forehead.

to Keep the rows?

The private party goers will find the good and the political blinders firmly secured in the tunnel vision, even while this dispute does not change. Trump may be the support of his base just as surely as the democratic leadership of their own. If the groups have a bit of a prerequisite is already full: as it is, who is, like the competitions in the next two years – 2020 presidential election – wants to position and who can be recruited for the infantry regiment. Now it will be decided on careers. As it is, just watch.

Therefore, from the Washington policy, the steady-state forces operating only once. Public opinion is volatile. A little anyway, and especially in the political center. President Trump can so far (the survey Institute), with the consent values in the 39 to 45 per cent. So unpopular, as is the case in some representations, he is in the United States. The presidents Truman, Ford, Reagan and Carter were at times very similar results, while Trump is the only President that has never come about 60 percent, not even in the vicinity of this value. As its predecessor, far higher credit from the other political side, you could use up. Evan Vucci/AP/dpa The Approval of U.S. President Donald Trump are better than many people think.

The opinion research Institute Gallup has also determined that Trump has the smallest distance of its high and low Approval ratings of all presidents since Harry Truman. Its highest and lowest values vary by only 10 percent. The highs and Lows were President Obama, 24 percent apart and, in the case of President George W. Bush is even 39 percent. President Trumps figures are stable.

Trumps new player

The Approval ratings for Nancy Pelosi, who was elected with a tight result again to the Speaker of the house of representatives, are currently not higher than that of the President. 38 percent of voters have a good, 48 percent have a bad opinion of her. It is not surprising that a high number of Democrats tends to her, while a high number of Republicans are averse to. More problematic for you is that 31 percent of the independent voters of the cases, a positive judgment, while it fails at 49 percent negative. This is from a party President, valued in the not-too-good starting position, in addition, the legislature in the United States values below 20 percent will receive for many years the Consent. Since the Executive comes off better. AFP Trumps new great counter-player: The new democratic Chairman of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi

so It will depend a lot of how Speaker Pelosi invents in its second term of office. Since she is now the face of the Opposition to Trump. Your word will drown out for the next time the words of other Democrats. Between 2007 and 2011, when you had held this office ever had to prove yourself as a skillful law-giver. This has been successful and has contributed to their reputation, to be able to it now with this President. But in the next two years it will be less about legislation and the political intersections between the democratic-dominated house and the Republican-dominated Senate are too low.

crisis management in three directions,

The new task is different. Daily political management of the crisis will be, first, to the Administration, and, secondly, to a politically diverse group, and thirdly, with a view to the Unity for the election in 2020. Speaker Pelosi is one of the few top politicians of the democratic party, not to think of a candidacy against Donald Trump. The field of potential candidates is now overlooked. This contest is already kicking up soon with impetuous dynamics of political Washington.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Trump new year Twitter greetings – users of USA, the US budget dispute react angry


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