According to the current investigation, the VW passenger car of a Parking lot, drove and collided with the cross-traffic moving privileged cyclist. After the collision, the 21-year-old driver of the passenger car VW moved away from the scene of the accident, but was named by a witness as the driver of the car. A short time later, the driver appeared to be place within walking distance to the accident. Here, the police officers found him, now a strong odor of alcohol. A Test carried out gave a value of 1.68 per thousand.

In the accident suffered, the 49-year-old cyclist in serious, but not life-threatening head injuries. It was spent by the ambulance service in the Asklepios clinic Pasewalk. The resulting property damage is estimated to be about 500 Euro. Against the car driver, a criminal case, among other things, due to risk of road traffic has been initiated.

Tino Gerigk police leaders from the service

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