A 39-year-old Bremer was injured in the robbery injuries and was transported to a hospital. Currently, grounds for Detention are examined against the detainees.

When Leaving a restaurant in the steintor district of 39, was attacked-Year-old abruptly by two men, beaten and brought to the ground. A perpetrator ripped his necklace. Lying on the ground, the attacker searched their victim and stole a cell phone. Alerted police officers could put the suspect still at the scene. The 39-Year-old had suffered a Head laceration and had to be treated in a hospital. The 20-and 37-year-old Provided were taken into custody. Were you under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In one area both a arranged blood had to undergo withdrawal. The loot could be found. Grounds for detention against the two are currently being tested.

According to the initial findings of the intoxicated 39-year-old Bremer is said to have stolen his two opponents before a bill. Police officers were able to recover the said money with him. The investigations are ongoing.

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