“We are more than just a TV channel, because we are your pipe and your friend voice,” says Heike Makatsch-it is the year in 1993, and a new – fairly colorful – station has just started operation. And Viva, the channel, has Large, even if it sounds chattered from the mouth of Makatsch then: “And today we stay together forever, okay?”

music channel Viva: The Era ends on new year’s eve

25 years later, these words sound from the early days of Viva not more. You know that you have remained an Illusion, as much of the man believed to be in the 90s, such as the permanent social acceptance of tattoos above the Coccyx (“ass antlers”). Viva will not remain forever, but finally turned off. This Monday (31.12): 14 at the end was, ironically, the final Show of “Viva Forever” (English: Viva forever). The end of a television Era.

The last song Viva played, was symbolic: It was “Too Horny for this world” from the Fantastic Four. In 1993, this song was the first video clip on the then-new channel. Viva ended the way it began.

Barely a station, which embodied the feeling of life between Backstreet Boys-Poster, in-line skates, and Tamagotchi, the once-much like the music channel from Cologne. Hardly a station also promoted in such a short time so many good moderators to the light of day: Viva springboard for Stefan Raab, Charlotte Roche, Sarah Kuttner, Oliver Pocher, Matthias Opdenhövel, Heike Makatsch, and many more. dpa/Horst Ossinger Charlotte Roche, a presenter on the music channel Viva 2, 2001 in Cologne, Germany.

he was Taken as a German response to the global Coolness-brand MTV. The emphasis was on English. On Viva German music should have a place, and also to better marketing. MTV seats “on an island behind the English channel,” said Viva founder Dieter Gorny. “Viva is sitting in Cologne, in the middle of it.” As the creators of the new transmitter Gorny even rose to become the “godfather of pop music”. With MTV it was a fierce battle for quotas.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Brit-Pop, Grunge, Girl and boy bands: the Bands do today,

“it Was also very much the Error,”

Vivas secret, however, was that the transmitter was not in any other way not English: perfectionism and precision work were among his virtues. The presenters talked to stressed almost unprofessional in the camera. Thus, your audience, the lümmelte at home with braces around it, and it felt met the nerve. “There were no moderators in-training or something. It was Trial and Error – and it was also very much in Error,” reported TV presenter Milka Loff Fernandes today. dpa/Oliver Berg, Stefan Raab, 2003

Stefan Raab jumped through the programme “Ma’ kuck’n”, Charlotte Roche showed in “Fast Forward” armpit hair. If a trendy Band to Viva in the Cologne media Park came, besieged Teenager the Area. The presenters were given a few instructions, basically, you let them but easy to make. “When a girl group came, for example, do not sing live,” recalls Oliver Pocher. He had violated that, of course, on a regular basis. “Viva was what today is YouTube,” says Pocher. dpa/Rolf Venn Bernd Oliver Pocher has learned at Viva his craft.

Among other things, with YouTube also began to decline. In the Internet, new competition was created, music was otherwise consumed. Viva is very much annoying ringtone suddenly ran out of advertising. In 2004, the American media took a giant Viacom, owner of MTV, Viva. From competitors sisters were now all of a sudden. A flagship programme such as “Interactive” has been deleted. The fall into the abyss was at some point stop.

“Viva is a German TV history”

“Viva, today is about the same as Harald Juhnke was in the 90s. The was also a very important figure for the German television, but eventually he was ridiculed,” says Marcus S. Kleiner, a Professor of communication and media science at the SRH University of popular arts in Berlin. “Viva was only a joke, didn’t know if it’s still alive.” A place in the ancestral gallery, the station gained yet. “Viva is a German TV history, because it has changed the German television sustainably, especially the youth television,” says Small.

On the last day, October 31. December, wants to look back to Viva again on his greatest moments. The first ever shown in a music video, for example, was “Too cool for this world” of the Fantastic Four. The Band has already voted in favour, with this song also. Also that would be quite a message.

The Huffington Post/Wochit photos show: Gülcan Kamps no longer looks pk/dpa


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