The majority of formula 1 Fans, Michael Schumacher know only in a plain jumpsuit or in a advertising paved team shirt. Here, the record champion of the world, active times, clean liked it if he had to pop the Cork. Parties animal, and a fitness freak Schumacher were not foreign. The formula 1-Podcast ‘Beyond the Grid’ is reported by his longtime Team – and technical Director Ross Brawn of common committed private occasions.

For example, as the then-Benetton-super-brain in 1994 40. Celebrated a birthday and Schumacher dedicated to the UK traveled. “He loved to dress up. He was always dressed up. At his parties, noble Outfits were common practice,” says Brawn. The first title win in Australia, Schumacher celebrated in the same year, in Cowboy boots, and gold chains around the neck.

Otherwise Schumacher would have been private, however, a “balanced person”, not enjoyed it, to be in the spotlight and the tabloids keep. “He was always protected,” says Brawn. “That’s why he liked the US so much – because to him there nobody knew. He has found the privacy and peace that were missing him in Europe.”

When he threw himself in a Tuxedo, was Schumacher’s life contemplative. He was able to turn it off. “When I met him at home, were Corinna, his children and his dogs. He was sometimes half the day by the Pool. It was all totally relaxed,” recalls Brawn.

in Spite of earthiness Schumacher as a formula 1 driver tick. “He was totally superstitious when it came to odd Numbers. Its Chassis always had to have odd numbers,” says Brawn. The Benetton engineers have designed the Board with the internal names so that they could quickly replace them. Schumacher should get the Chassis with the number 4, it became quickly a 5. Otherwise it would have been, according to Brawn uncomfortable in the Box.

Whether Schumacher from the obvious Trick knew? “Probably, Yes, but it has not bothered him that much, as long as the Chassis is the number 3 or 7 stuck,” says Brawn with a smile.

This article was written by Dominik Sharaf

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