More pension. More Unemployment Money. More Minimum Wage. Less Schröder.

This is the business basis for a working coalition government. From the point of view of the SPD of this strategy, the pivot is overdue, because the Grand coalition deal is not approved of by their constituents. If the SPD would be a Restaurant, and the results of the survey correspond to the entries on TripAdvisor, they would close in soon. The clientele demands bloody Steaks. The chef serves but the balls always just Soy.

we Look with the eyes of a social-democratic tradition of voter to the Chairman – and we feel the pain. Constantly Andrea Nahles arrives with her Limousine at the Chancellor. And what are you doing? It prolongs the political life of Horst Seehofer. They increased the military budget. And now you should watch it as a partnership, such as Angela Merkel, the Chairman of the government of a woman of your choice?

election-fantasy to date

Out of fear, the seats are 14 percent of the survey lows would on the day of the election in the Bundestag and, therefore, in fainting, transformed, suppressed the SPD leadership to their re-election fantasies in the past. You had fear, in the lost Rommel would be on election day, only rivets. The New the last ten days are not the facts, but it is the view of the facts. Now the anxiety is suppressed, and the election is approved-fantasy. Or to say it with Albert Camus: “The highest Form of hope to overcome despair.” dpa/Arne party leader Andrea Nahles Dedert is under a lot of pressure, a reversal of the trend: The SPD is languishing at 15 per cent in the polls.

CDU: workshop talks power wireless experts exchange

part one of the CDU were-workshop conversation on the refugee policy of the Chancellor was yesterday completed. Sigmund Freud, represented by the new CDU-Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, welcomed the approximately 100-CDU-guest as a “social Democrats”, before the power of wireless experts exchange choreographed event took its course.

Merkel was not there. In all the Serenity you could have a drink at the hotel bar of the Sheraton Esplanade Aperol Spritz, as the “image” reported this Morning, because, from the workshop of the AKK there is no danger for you.

the Morning Briefing Podcast, I asked the due to their independence, dreaded, and because of their experience as a longtime political observer in the capital, widely respected Marion Horn last night to your comment. Here, the judgment of the Head of the “Bild am Sonntag” in two core statements: The workshop discussion was a boring day as a parent. Our German asylum law, plus the open borders plus the welfare state, plus the condition of weightlessness to come with us can, the value of technical and behavior, technically: The can not work. This is a mixture that is toxic. To realize this, you don’t need a workshop discussion.

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In the FOCUS Online/Wochit AKK with slip of the tongue in “shop talk” for laughter,

Gabor Steingart


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