For the preservation of the welfare state had “the super-rich to the responsibility”. And: “The property tax is a point that we think as SPD.” He observed that “the gap in this country between the Poor and the rich”.

Klingbeil defended the thrust of the SPD Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil, long-time contributors without an examination of the need for a basic pension above the Hartz to guarantee that the IV levels. Such a means test was not “practicable”. The proportion of low-income earners, would not be entitled to claim, was “so low that it doesn’t justify a bureaucratic apparatus to build, the checked again and again, the pensioners,” he said. The basic pension is provided for in the coalition agreement, however, coupled to the means test.

“We want to govern”

Against the suspect, the SPD wool to provoke with your socio-political push for a break-up of the Grand coalition, hatchet fought back to Kling. “We want to govern. But we want to rule with ideas that are at the height of the time,” he said. The majority of the people stand behind the demands of the SPD. He was sure that it would also give the Union movement.

The SPD Board of Directors had decided on Sunday on a proposal from the Chairman, Andrea Nahles, acting unanimously on a package for a Reform of the labour market, an easing of Hartz IV and better financial services for children.

In the PCP dispute Hitler’s birth house: court forces the state to millions of payments mkm /dpa


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