Suitable for colorful music-Mix Oliver Geissen celebrating a sparkling new year’s eve Party – the presenter is looking back and celebs reveal their new year’s resolutions.

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mixed in with Hits like “East of Eden”, “Breathless” and “Ti Amo”, Ulk-Hits of the brand’s “Polonaise Blankenese” or Pop slow-burner like “Astronaut” or “good life”. The best-seller in the German-speaking Charts are mixed.

chart show on new year’s eve – these are the Stars on the stage

On stage a number of Stars of different decades:

  • Peter Maffay with “you”
  • Markus, “I’m fun”
  • Kerstin Ott with “The lady”
  • Adel Tawil “Lieder”
  • DJ Ötzi with “A star”.

But also The dead pants, U96, Roland Kaiser, the silver moon and the cute little crocodile Schnappi all have their place in the Ranking all around the most successful German-speaking Singles.

Who stands where in the rankings, and whether Nena and Nino de Angelo are successful as Helene Fischer, Roland Kaiser DJ Ötzi clarifies Moderator Oliver Geissen in “The ultimate Chart Show The most successful German Singles of the last 40 years”.

Comedians on the Couch of Oliver Geissen

in addition to the 50 most successful German-language Singles in the German Charts Oliver’s happy goats on his guests:

  • the Comedians Chris Tall and Ilka Bessin
  • the dancer and a jury member Motsi Mabuse
  • the bombastic wizard of The Ehrlich Brothers.

And if all that occurs is somehow familiar, you are mistaken. The broadcast celebrated the Show a year ago – on 31. December 2017. If the “chart show” can now inspire on new year’s eve 2018, must show.

The Alternative to new year’s eve: the

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  • “Welcome to 2019” in the Live Stream So you can see the ZDF-Show live on the Internet
  • “new year’s Hit-Countdown – Welcome To 2019” – So you can see the RTLII broadcast in Live-Stream
  • “Dinner for One” in the Live Stream So you can see the new year’s eve-classics live on the Internet

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