Who will Park his money somewhere, it currently pays a massive. The inflation in Germany in the year 2018, at 1.9 percent. This means: Who has 50,000 euros on the high edge, loses per year 950 Euro in purchasing power. Just as high interest rates can mitigate these money wasting – so it’s about damage limitation.

Advanzia and Ing-Diba curls with 1.0%

The Advanzia Bank with Headquarters in Luxembourg, provides new customers currently, the top rate of 1.0 percent. The money house is guaranteed to the set, but only for three months , for investment amounts up to one Million euros accepts it . As a minimum location Advanzia calls for 5000 Euro. After the expiry of the interest guarantee Advanzia pays still passable 0.5% . Important: the funds are secured up to € 100,000 the savers. As the only Tan money house to accept the considered safe SMS-Tan.

the Ing-Diba pays new customers 1.0%. In contrast to the competition from Luxembourg, the money house required, with Dutch roots, no minimum . The interest rate guarantee is with four months longer than in the case of Advanzia. However, Ing-Diba is only accepted maximum investment amounts of EUR 50,000 . At higher amounts, and after four months of the investment period, the rate falls to such an abominable 0.01% . This brings in 10,000 euros, saving amount per year is only a Euro.

A Plus of Ing-Diba , the height of the Deposit protection , which goes beyond the statutory provision of EUR 100,000. This is due to the Deposit insurance Fund of the Federal Association of German banks e. V. in view of the limit of 50,000 euros, which is fitted with the attractive interest rate, but only a few investors invest higher amounts.

During authentication, the money are accepted in addition to SMS – Push-Tan. In addition, customers can use iTan. This procedure is, however, no later than on 14. September, 2019.

On the third place among the money-providers, the Renault Bank directly lands . The daughter of the French car giant pays new customers 0.7% . The Bank requires no minimum and limited their offer on a maximum of 500,000 euros . The interest rate guarantee is valid for five months. Per customer up to EUR 100,000 are protected, the Renault Bank direkt is a member of the French Deposit guarantee Fund.

day money comparison, Here is the money’day-to-day comparison

three-month fixed-term raises of up to 1.1 percent from

number 1 to the three-month fixed Deposit is BESV with 1.1 percent. Founded in 1945, the French Bank requires a minimum investment of 10,000 euros. A maximum of the money, the house accepted 100,000 euros. Per customer up to EUR 100,000 are protected.

rank 2 CA Consumer Finance with 0.81 percent. The subsidiary of French Bank Crédit Agricole is satisfied with € 5000 minimum investment . The maximum interest 500,000 euros with the above sentence. Also it guarantees deposits up to 100,000 euros per customer. The CA is the only money the house in this Overview, the your offer for existing customers .

Just hit the Fimbank with 0.80 per cent ends up on place 3. The Maltese money house requires no minimum . The maximum investment amount, this also applies to existing customers, is 100,000 euros. On the same amount of Deposit insurance per customer is. Fixed-Here you will find the best deals for 24-month fixed-term Deposit

Really lucrative only investments on the capital market,

are The above-listed rates, the net interest income is currently the strongest offers (Stand 31. December 2018). Really interesting to income investors, but especially to the capital markets . The only way the Inflation can exceed. Who is afraid of the direct purchase of shares, may also invest in ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds). These exchange-traded products score points with cheap fees. A world oriented product, the iShares ETF global shares, for example . He brought in the last twelve months, a return of 6.71 percent. ISHARES CORE MSCI WORLD UCITS ETF – USD ACC 43,10 EUR +0,96 (+2,27%) Xetra price data

the Highest fixed Deposit interest rate in Europe: world save of 2.20 percent and up to 250 Euro Bonus on save Now to offer

PDF How do I put 20,000 euros?

a daily allowance, fixed deposits, Savings accounts or shares of Fund – what brings the greatest return? FOCUS Online shows you to 30 pages , how they invest their capital, despite mini-interest in a profitable way.

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