Should be more relieved, especially families. The relief package has a volume of 9.8 billion euros. The tax for children will be free adjusted amount – it should be increased from 7428 to 7620 euros. In addition, the basic exemption amount, the taxpayer is expected to rise from 9000 to 9168 Euro, the maximum amount for the deduction of maintenance services is expected to rise slightly.

in Addition, there is a repayment of the “cold Progression”, the income growth due to inflation, rising prices, due in part to the “eats”. Overall, you should be around 2.2 billion mined. The child allowance will be increased from July by ten Euro. A family with a gross annual salary of € 60,000 is to be relieved of 2019 to at least 9,36 per cent, this means 251 Euro more in a year.


The year of care contribution be increased by 0.5 points and the unemployment contribution of 0.5 points reduced. The unemployment contribution is reduced from 3 to 2.5 percent of gross income. The rate of contribution for the care insurance will increase to 1. January of 2019, by 0.5 points, to 3.05 percent of gross income. Contributors without children will in future have to pay 3.3 per cent.

contributors II

the high earners have to pay higher social security contributions. The contribution assessment ceiling in the statutory health and nursing care insurance, up to the contributions due to increases for the new year from 4425 to 4537,50 Euro in the month. In the pension and unemployment insurance, this content increases the threshold of 6500 to 6700 euros in the West and from 5800 to 6150 euros in the East. For most of the contributors, nothing changes by raising ceilings. High earners pay more.


insured relieves The 56 million members of the statutory health insurance, the employer must pay half of the total contribution. 1. January 2019 with financing also from the members so far alone, the number of additional contributions to the same Share. Workers and pensioners, thus saving 6.9 billion euros a year. dpa/Jens Kalaene to be relieved of The 56 million members of the statutory health insurance symbol picture: Jens Kalaene


In January, will be in time introduced fixed-term part-time. The agreed working hours can be for one to five years decreased. Then the employer must allow it to return to full-time. The temporary part-time, followed by a bridge full-time applies in companies with at least 45 employees, if the employee is at least half a year in operation. Employers with 46 200 employees only need to give one of the 15 workers claim to be on the Bridge part-time.

workers II

Employees should be prepared, through better promotion of the courses by the employment Agency for the digital change. Regardless of education, age, and size of training set and, thus, be broadened. Also for workers, enabling them to Supplement their low salary with Hartz IV, there should be such a training aid. Here are the Finance Newsletter

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the unemployed can more easily relate to unemployment benefit I: in the Future, you need to have within a period of 30 months at least 12 months of contributions paid so far, there are 12 months within 24 months.


The legal minimum wage rises to 1. January currently 8,84 Euro gross 9,19 euros per actual hour worked and 1. January 2020 9,35 Euro.

basic security recipients

Alone with Hartz IV, eight euros more per month to get in the new year. The rule set then rises to 424 euros. Who lives with another needy adults such as the spouse in a home, for the growing at a rate of 8 to 382 euros. For teenagers from 14 to 17 years of age there is an increase of 6 to 322 euros. Up to the full end of the extension of the sixth year of life, 5 Euro more than in the past in the future, paid 245 euros. For children from 6 to 13 years, the power increases to 6 to 302 euros per month.


tenants are to be protected from January better before the cost jumps. So the rent may not be increased after modernisation in the future, within six years, only a maximum of three euros per square meter, in certain cases, only two Euro. Of the cost instead of eleven percent, eight percent can be passed on to the tenant. In addition, landlords must put new tenants open, which has paid the previous tenant.

Kita-parents and children

Germany’s day-care centres to be better for low income earners free of charge. From 2019, countries will be able to receive funds through the “Good-Kita-law”. Until 2022 will go for 5.5 billion euros from the Federal to the Länder. In the new year there will be 500 million euros. With the money, for example, longer opening Hours or additional educators may be financed for kindergartens and nurseries. dpa With the “Good-Kita-law” to be Germany’s day-care centres for low income earners free of charge. To 2022 5.5 billion euros will flow from the Federal to the Länder. Photo:Christian Charisius


The mothers ‘ pension, will be significantly expanded. Parental leave for children born before 1992 will be more credited. The concerned pensions are increased for each child 16,02 Euro gross in the West, and to 15.35 Euro in the East. The advanced mothers ‘ pension, is likely to hit in the Neurenten already to book. The pensions in payment to be increased starting in March, the contract will then be re-paid. The hedging level of the statutory pension is also held by 2025 to be constant. The ratio of pensions to wages is at least 48 percent. The pension contribution rate is not to exceed additionally, the 20-percent mark. Today, he is 18.6 percent. More money for disability pensioners.

care of the Affected

For the fight against the staffing in the care package for 13,000 additional Places in care for the elderly. In hospitals, the health insurance companies should pay for any increased completely. Taxi rides to the doctor for care should be Care level 3 and people with disabilities in the future easier. Members who want to go to a Spa, can leave a person in need of care in parallel in the same rehab facility care.

the long-term unemployed

For long-term unemployed, subsidised Jobs for the re-entry into professional life. Five years employers receive money from the state: In the first two, wage costs are covered in full, then the grant is reduced each year by ten percentage points. Condition is that the long-term unemployed older than 25 years and within seven years for at least six years of Hartz IV. dpa/Jens Büttner For long-term unemployed, subsidised Jobs for the re-entry into professional life.


1. January are required supermarkets to sign on the shelf clearly visible, where one – way and where returnable bottles. To help the customers to decide more consciously. In addition, the Deposit requirement will be extended to the use of disposable packaging, with fruit and vegetable nectars carbonated – about Apple spritzers from nectar and mixed drinks with whey share of more than 50 per – cent for you to 25-Cent Deposit to be in the future, due.


in addition to “male” and “female” is in the register of births from January is also the Option of “divers” for intersex people.


The Truck toll on motorways and Federal roads will be increased. In the new rates from 1. January 2019 expects to see for the first time, the cost of noise pollution. More, greater Road congestion is taken into account by serious vices. The new rates and since the summer of applicable extension of the toll on all Federal roads, the Federal government expected revenue from an average of 7.2 billion euros per year – 2.5 billion euros more than in the past.

seasonal workers

in The cultivation of wine, fruit and vegetables with foreign seasonal workers, an increase in the time limits for a social insurance-free short-term employment to 70 days in January, permanently. The companies will get better opportunities to attract skilled workers for the whole season.

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