After all the mulled wine, punch and champagne around Christmas and new year’s eve, many people feel the need to start the new year with an alcohol break. In the UK every year, then starts even the big campaign “Dry January”. Citizens are encouraged to remain in the January “dry” to abandon so entirely on alcohol.

Whether an individual intent or health campaign – many of which occur after the turn of the year on the alcohol brake, want to give your liver some relief Detox weeks. Or do you want to check how hard you of the waiver of the celebration evening beer, glass of wine for dinner or a Drink in the Bar.

But what is the alcohol waiver for the organism, the metabolism, the well-being of causes? And how long is the abstinence should continue until a noticeable change occurs?

The a day without alcohol

Who does not start with an ordinary Hangover from the night before in an alcohol-free day, is not a physical change by the Mini-temperance notice. At most, the beer or the glass of wine went missing in the evening and in the mineral water as the taste is little more satisfying replacement felt. This is not a sign of a starting addiction, but simply the break with a daily pleasant habit.

Jarmila Mahlmeister, chief physician at the Betty-Ford-Klinik in Bad Brückenau says: “For people with normal alcohol consumption: those Who can abstain two days a week easily on alcohol, is not.” Experts advise anyway to these regular short abstinence, especially for a more conscious dealing with the potential addiction. Not to get anyone who thinks the alcohol – free day however, always remember to drink anything or very with have to fight, in the evening, but at the next gas station an alcoholic drink should reconsider his consumption seriously. Because of the alcohol already plays a dominant role in everyday life and the boundary the dependence is close.

a week without alcohol

anyone Who has previously consumed daily alcoholic drinks, can perceive, in the first days of the first physical changes after two weeks, even more clearly:

  • Better and deeper sleep
  • Increased performance

meal masters adds: “When the liver is relieved by Alcohol, you are instantly stored fats. The triglycerides are reduced after a few days, in the case of the Cholesterinen it takes longer. But generally, our liver is recovering amazingly fast.“ Here is the Newsletter, “health” subscribe to

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This brings a month without alcohol

For this period there are good Figures from the UK, where in January a new alcohol campaign: research at the University of Sussex to the “Dry January” (alcohol-free January) by 2018 have shown, what is the renunciation of beer, wine and spirits, actually. After 31 days without alcohol, the participants not only had better control over their drinking behavior, they also had more energy, nicer skin, and less weight. The January abstainers also registered better sleep, lower blood pressure and higher concentration ability. “We hear from many participants that it would make you feel healthier and happier. And that you do not need alcohol to have fun and relax,” says Richard Piper of “Alcohol Change UK”, the initiators of Dry January.

The expert of the Betty Ford clinic, adds:

  • An overloaded liver makes you tired. Those who abstain from alcohol is, therefore, more alert, fitter, more powerful.
  • alcohol interferes with the cell metabolism, stranded, for lymphatic congestion. Who can live without alcohol, it gets firmer contours and smoother skin.
  • alcohol has a lot of useless calories. Who does not a day, two units of 200 calories, has saved after 30 days as early as 12,000 calories a (theoretical) loss in weight of almost two kilograms.

This brings a year without alcohol

  • The liver is like new. Even severe alcohol-related liver damage can be cured by the complete absence of.
  • The entire metabolism, the digestive processes and burn fat, faster. In combination with the increased efficiency through better sleep and more activity through better Fitness, it comes to an optimized feeling on the skin.
  • Who usually takes two Drinks per day may decrease after one year of waiver alone saved calories 20 kilograms.

And: “Who has been drinking a whole year of no alcohol, you can actually do without in the future,” says Jarmila Mahlmeister. “Even if alcohol is part of our in many social situations, ‘to’, means the waiver no loss of quality of life.”

do not want to abandon but all should have the rules for the fashion consumer in mind: For men, half a Liter of beer or a quarter litre of wine “per day is allowed”. Women break down alcohol less well, should not drink more than half of them.

– Bit Projects This is what happens to your body when you are four weeks of alcohol abstinence from alcohol, liver detoxification triglycerides cholesterol waive


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