The Problem: If customers cancel within your 14-day right to cancel the contract, calculated in the mediation portal, a so-called value set of several hundred euros, even if it only came to a few contacts (text messages, free switch photos, comments, Emojis).

Parship suits with good chances of success

consumer key recommend, however, to complain about it. The chances of success were mostly good, even if Parship is relying on the fact that a judgment has declared the practice of value-deduction for, in principle, permitted.

In another judgment in favour of a disappointed Parshipers, namely: the clues to The so-called value first, well hidden, and secondly, the few contacts would be in no reasonable proportion to the calculated sums of money.

lawyer with a Parship-action inadmissible

compared To the consumer magazine SUPER.MARKET of the Berlin Rechtsanwalt Thomas Meier-Bading keeps the procedure of Parship and its subsidiaries to be inadmissible. He has represented many Victims successfully and says “The calculation of the value of the set of contacts is not wrong, because the contacts are the power, the contract is agreed, but the temporal use is agreed.”

in His view, people do this to stop people from their right of withdrawal and to bind to the Portal, so they could advertise with a corresponding number of members.

Parship wants to value set

Parship hold will continue to provide the so-called value set. The mediation portal has justified the practice of the rbb with the interests of the members of a tribe. “It serves especially to our members before a mass shipped, to protect impersonal E-Mails and disappointment by half-hearted, short-term contacts.”

Even if people suggest something else, says the consumer: the chances of a lot of paid money to see, well – you have to dare to complain.

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