the index finger of The left Hand is completely torn down, the middle finger to half. On the thumb, the nail is still there, the finger tip but. “I’m left-handed. I don’t know how I’m supposed to be in school now write,” says Ali P. “I now have a General insane fear of the future.”

However, as it has come to the terrible accident? Ali P. and his buddies to pack according to their own information fireworks of category 1, and go outside. In the courtyard of the multi-family settlement on the Wessely ring you get rid of kindle. “Then I discovered on the Playground of a firecracker,” says Ali P.

And although his buddy tells him, to ignite the youth of the fuse. “I thought that already happened is nothing,” he says. “I don’t even know what a firecracker. Probably a self-built.“ This is because, As Ali P. ranhält the lighter, not burn the fuse. “I went from a Reflex head to the side. In the Situation exploded,“ he says.

The explosive force is so strong that even the thick leather jacket of the student’s beard, and his belly will hurt. “I would not have turned her head, it would have hit me as hard,” he says. Ever again, a firecracker in your Hand? “No, absolutely not,” says Ali P. “And I guess now really everyone.”

This article was written by Anastasia Iksanov

In the PCP 18-Year-old flees from the police and the nut will be on the Parking lot dead

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