FIA President Jean Todt wants to see a lot of formula-1 races together with Michael Schumacher in the TV. “Michael is struggling, and will continue to do so,” said the Frenchman, who took as Ferrari team boss with Schumacher in the years 2000 to 2004, five world championship drivers ‘ title to Maranello: “Everything else is private, and it is right that it stays that way.”

Todt is part of the small circle of those, the Schumacher to the consequences of a severe skiing accident on 29. December 2013 regularly. Together with Schumacher, he had followed in the past few years, a number of races in front of the TV: “And we are going to see a lot in common.”

is one of these close to you also, Ross Brawn, as a “super-brain” of Benetton and Ferrari instrumental in all the seven world titles of Schumacher involved. “I am in constant contact with Corinna Schumacher, and I support your stance, nothing to the exterior,” said Brawn, the news Agency PA: “His privacy was Michael is always very important, and we should just accept all and respect.”

Todt and Brawn are both convinced that Schumacher’s son Mick has a successful future in racing. “He has begun with the father in the Kart, after that, he has taken his fate into his own Hand,” said Todt. It’s not going to be easy, “because the expectations are because of his Name very large”, but Mick did all the prerequisites to make it big in the formula 1.

The Brawn believes: “The Name is a heavy burden, but Mick makes with great prudence and intelligence very well.” He very much hope to welcome Schumacher junior, one day in the formula 1 welcome: “But even more important is that he goes his own way in peace, without any unnecessary expectations.”

Todt also praises especially Schumacher’s wife Corinna. “She is extraordinary, a modest woman, who has given to the family is always a priority,” said the Frenchman. Schumacher did want to live, in spite of his great achievements, like a normal person: “And thanks to Chloe’s help, he managed that too.



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