Therefore, also a popular tourist prepare places in Thailand are bracing for possibly the worst storm in decades. The arrival of the tropical storm “Pabuk” was expected on Thursday in the South of the country, informed the Thai Ministry of emergency situations.

“Pabuk” was, therefore, with a speed of 65 kilometers per hour from the East in the Gulf of Thailand and could be similarly destructive as tropical storm “Harriet” in 1962, nearly a thousand people in the country killed.

Thailand: boats remain in the harbour, Swimming is forbidden

through Saturday, heavy rains have been announced for the majority of the country’s South, including in the tourist areas of Phuket, Krabi, and Islands in the Gulf of Thailand like Koh Samui. Boats were not allowed to expire.

Also, the Swimming in the sea, the authorities banned in the face of strong winds, which could cause waves of up to five meters in height.

In the Weather Channel storm surge warning and 20 inches of snow


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