the driver of The armored truck had dropped off on Monday morning, two colleagues to the North of Paris with an Agency for money transfers and then with the vehicle from the dust. The empty armored car company Loomis was found later on, with the doors open a few streets away. Of the driver, and dozens of money bags and a shotgun was missing initially each track.

The investigation has been handed over to a unit to fight gang crime. This started on Tuesday in the course of the investigation a witness call. In the afternoon, Adrien D. was taken then in an apartment in Amiens. According to police reports, he tried in vain to escape by jumping out of the window. Fixed also a woman, which is considered to be an accomplice was arrested.

driver was known to the police

police found notes “several pockets full of money,” as one investigator said. The money will still be counted, it was but “at least to a large part, perhaps, to the whole of the prey.”

it was, As it is known now, was the driver known to the police – however, not for robbery, but because of damage to property in the year 2015. At the time, he lived in Amiens, and belonged to a Boxing club.

Same company – the second theft

The case brings back memories of a spectacular theft ten years ago: In November 2009, a driver of the same company had taken 11,5 million Euro. The money messenger, Toni Musulin was taken after about one week of escape and convicted for theft. In 2013, he came back from prison. Until today a part of the loot is missing.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex they call him “the Germinator”: the first German Sheriff cards Texas mgb/dpa/AFP


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