residual alcohol from the new year’s eve? Might have been able to help. But so much can hardly have a drink, that it helps fully anesthetized for almost four hours to endure at this level. So we look at it soberly. RTL must have a remarkable intent for the year 2019 in focus. The private channel obviously wants to prove that television can still be produced cheaper.

These are all the cheapest Show is a program-insolence

“The greatest TV moments of the world” has baptized RTL his so-called “Ranking-Show”. Honest Recycling Show would be “”. This all approve of-with plays, television, even the long-standing RTL editor-in-chief Peter Kloeppel. “The world mourned to an extent, as we had experienced it before, never”, says Kloeppel. And then, the jam sees the end of the audience, he demonstrated minutes of film clips, worn as Princess Diana grave. Lady Di is dead? That was on 31. August 1997. Lady Di buried? That was on 6. September 1997. With pictures, which has seen more than 20 years ago, everyone in the world,, RTL will show in his TV of the year 2019. “It was just awful to see,” says Kloeppel, the Lady Di images of the past. It is terrible to the program-this is an outrage, the transmitter is put in front of all Seriousness its viewers on the first night in the new year. FOCUS Online

TV-Chaos-stew for Evil

almost a third of the RTL is broken into shares in 2018. A little bit of money for the program, however, should be still invested. It does not, unfortunately, the impression. From all over the world and from all times, the transmitter together carts indiscriminately TV trivia. And trying to sell this stew as “The greatest TV moments of the world”. It tastes like goulash, Paella to Gumbo: nothing fits. And the viewers can only be evil.

requirements profile? The main thing is that ass

From England to the Commissioner, “Game of Clones”. There may be a woman on the screen your dream man to Tinker. The television channel then in search of a guy that should have a lot of Similarity. Because the requirements profile is simple. “If I would find this ass,” says the candidate in the male-tinkering, “then I would be a very happy Lady!” She finds a ass. And the whole TV is, pardon me, unfortunately, also for the same.

The Naked Yoga, there’s even more ass

From Norway brings RTL TV-contribution, is sent to a Moderator to Naked-Yoga to Paris. Since it was sufficiently naked men’s ass to see. In Vietnam, there’s the “Bachelor” of a breakdown. As a candidate goes back to her Rose, because she has fallen in love with in the course of the Show, a-candidate. Allegedly, the two women are still a Couple. What is Yes for most Bachelor relationships.

And the only Good thing? A very personal good intent

Because’s in this big fake Show of cheap Clips Yes no red thread, the time-thieves of RTL is investing your rest of the brain to a Silly-Alphabet. That is then “E: like the real thing now?”. Or “I: like crazy”. Or “Q: how nonsense”. The spectators away with so much “M: like garbage”, then really only a “Z: how zapp!” At least I’ve made this evening a good, very personal intent for the year 2019: I’ll see little RTL as possible.

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