The oil Painting “Vaso di Fiori” by the Dutch painter Jan van Huysum (1682-1749) was with a family in Germany that did not exist after all this time despite numerous requests of the Italian state is still at the Museum, said the German Director of the gemäldegalerie, Eike Schmidt, on Tuesday.

The factory had been robbed by soldiers of the Wehrmacht, and for decades was long gone, and only in 1991, after the reunification showed up. Various “intermediary” would have been set since then with the Italian authorities in connection and a transfer fee demands. “Such a absurd claim, that the other day, the public Prosecutor’s office in Florence has opened an investigation”, – stated in the message of the Uffizi gallery. The painting was in the possession of the Italian state and therefore not “available for sale or available”.

“Germany has the moral obligation of this work to our Museum back,” said Schmidt. “Because of this affair (…) are not healed the wounds of the Second world war and the Nazi terror still.” In which the family and the Region in which the image is located, could not say a Museum spokesman.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit ZDF apologizes for Shirt print of the cameraman pk/dpa


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