It’s a rescue attempt for a party that is deep in the crisis. The more absurd it seems that Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, seems to use this tag phase in his party. Although Scholz is popular with the citizens Regularly of the SPD lands-the Minister of Finance and Vice-Chancellor in surveys in the Top 5 of the most popular German politician. However, in the party as a technocrat applicable Scholz is controversial. However, this seems not to challenge.

Four examples show that the Vice-Chancellor is working secretly on steadfastly to a Chancellor candidacy:

1. Scholz dares the Kanzlerjob itself to

Already at the beginning of January, Scholz has filed his claims to the Chancellor candidacy. In an Interview with the “Bild am Sonntag” he replied to the question of whether he believed the Kanzlerjob: “Yes. Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer has just said that from a party Chairman, it is expected that you try the office. For a Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Same applies.“ Scholz made it inevitably clear: He was ready.

2. Scholz occupied important issues

again and again, Scholz, and party leader Andrea Nahles emphasize how closely you work together. What is striking, however: Scholz secures the for Select especially important issues. For example, he assures that the financing of at least up to 2040, stable pension levels, no tax increases necessary. Also on the subject of coal’s exit Scholz was it that said, structural aid should be provided from the current budgets of the Federal ministries. The management of structural change in Eastern Germany the SPD was also of concern, because they are only in front of the output of important regional elections in the East German länder. Kay Nietfeld/dpa Olaf Scholz (SPD), Federal Minister of Finance, presented in the Ministry of Finance, the tax estimate of the Federal government to the state revenue

3. Scholz invests in PR-work

shortly after taking office, Scholz built the Ministry of Finance: So, he created the Post of the chief of the Vice-Chancellery and shouted, full of new units, for example, of a under the title of “the Modern state”. Now Scholz and expanding its PR Department. Instead of the previous EUR 3.7 million he wants to spend, according to information of the “Handelsblatt” in this year, five million Euro for public Relations work. Also, a new head of unit is to come on Board. Since the Ministry has become a Central actor in the international politics, is “a new Form, bandwidth, and intensity of public Relations,” had founded the Ministry by the end of 2018 step. Is quite conceivable that Scholz also wants to polishing with a view to a possible candidacy of his PR work.

4. Scholz tried, from the lowlands of the social democratic struggle to Survive, to stay out of this

can be said of Andrea Nahles lot of things, but not that they would not fight for your party. The social Democrats are struggling to Survive. Nahles need to constantly comment on the new disaster surveys and even scorn and criticism. Scholz as Vice-Chairman of the party is also the duty of holding in Public, the distance to the struggle for Survival of his party. Instead, he cultivated his role as a Vice-Chancellor who has outgrown the lowlands of the party policy.

Own party could make him dash through the bill

of Course, neither Nahles yet Scholz speak openly of their plans: But not a few Comrades assume that Nahles and Scholz have long discussed the candidacy of the Vice-Chancellor. Just stupid for Scholz, that the party could make him a line through his plans. On party days, he’s doing neither with euphoric Talk with good results – on the contrary, In case of his election as party Deputy, he was punished with only 59.2 percent of the votes. The Jusos Scholz as a Grand coalition-advocates in a difficult position. Kay Nietfeld/dpa

After his Chancellor’s announcement in January, the criticism from the ranks of the party was not long in waiting: “at The Moment this issue within the SPD is particularly urgent,” said low, clearly lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil. NRW-country chef Stefan Hartmann went further with his criticism one step further: “The last thing SPD needs before the important European elections, is a candidate for Chancellor-to lead the debate.”

it is Clear that Scholz plans to be really candidate for Chancellor, he needs to work on his Image in the party. In the case of the welfare state concept by Andrea Nahles, Scholz held back in the Public – probably because he had proclaimed previously that he runs out of money in the budget. Then he still got the curve and stressed that he is from Nahles launched jerk to the left support. It remains to be whether he can convince the party to the left.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Marietta Slomka Nahles takes in the defect and provides a common Schröder-question


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