millions of children had been subjected to 2018 of serious violations of children’s rights, stated in the Friday published accounts of Unicef. Thousands of girls and boys were “direct victims of war violence”.

“too long, the parties to the conflict commit terrible atrocities, and not be punished in most cases for it,” said Manuel Fontaine, head of the global emergency programmes of Unicef. “The children can, and urgently need to be better protected and supported.” The world community, have failed you in the past year.

children in many countries affected

the conflict countries where children were in the year 2018, the massive violence, poverty, and Hunger, exposed to, is one of Unicef especially Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen, as well as numerous African countries: Cameroon, the democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Somalia, the Central African Republic and South Sudan are highlighted in the report as well as the Chad Region and the border region between Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

In the Palestinian territories and Israel, many of the children suffered from anxiety, trauma and injuries, the report says. Human rights there are violations to continue against the minority Rohingya in the Asian Myanmar.

problems in the Eastern Ukraine

In Europe, Unicef, the situation in Eastern Ukraine is critical: More than four years of conflict would have “a severe impact on the education system”, – stated in the annual balance sheet. Hundreds of schools were destroyed or damaged. “Of 700,000 girls and boys learn in an environment goers due to irregular fighting, mines, or blind, is not safe.” Worst of all is the Situation of the approximately 400,000 children living in the immediate vicinity of the front line.

Even in Africa, thousands of schools are, according to Unicef, out of fear of attacks closed. Children are exposed to on the way to school violence or would, as in Nigeria and Cameroon to happen – from schools are kidnapped. In Nigeria, the Boko Haram militia to take targeted girl in the visor. This would be married with fighters, forced, raped, or for assassinations abused. To be recruited according to Unicef, in many conflict countries child soldiers.

appeal from Unicef

Unicef called on all parties to the conflict to put an end to violence against children, and attacks on civilian infrastructure. All States with influence on the parties to the conflict should use this to protect the children, called for the UN children’s Fund.

“It has to happen urgently in order to avoid wars and to end the many devastating armed conflicts,” said Fontaine. “But even if wars continue, we cannot accept attacks against children.”

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