passers-by, residents and tourists, the new Look of the heirloom with the nickname “old Swede” for a lot of amused glances. Almost everyone wants to Nugget a photo of the oversized Gold.

“The Golden Swede is totally great,” Alexander’s(34) Kaufmann and Maaike Clausen (34) from Stuttgart. Also Maxi (9) and Pippa (17) from Othmarschen offers on the Gold-optics: “We go here very often for a walk and were surprised to see the “Old Sweden” in Gold. We think it’s great.”

as great as the stroller, the new Look is not the police. “The colleagues from the police Commissariat 25 (Bahrenfeld) have launched a complaint for property damage against persons Unknown,” a spokeswoman on MOPO-demand.

The gold-plated boulder is not the first object of its kind: In July 2018, the wreck of a previously fired Porsches have been refined in retrospect “”.

it is Unclear since when the stone shines in a new color. The first pictures in the social networks come from Tuesday.

the boulder, his gold robe?

with The supervision of the port commissioned the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) to demand, to want the case to take care of. “We will let the “Old Sweden” in regular intervals by specialists to clean,” says spokesman Kai Gerullis. And further: “We hope that the color is also removed at this Time, because the boulder has been specially sealed.”

The oversized stone was recovered in 1999 from the river Elbe and is originally from Sweden. From there, the Elster-ice-age brought him in front of about 350 000 years ago to Hamburg. The stone weighs 217 tons and has a circumference of nearly 20 metres.

This article was written by Olivier David

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