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US car maker Ford informed May about the deduction of its production from the UK

Wednesday, 13. February, 8.00 PM: Due to the uncertain outcome in the ongoing dispute with the Brexit, the pressure on the British Prime Minister, Theresa May of the industry grows. As the British newspaper “The Times” reported, the American automotive company Ford is already preparing for a relocation of its production facilities from the UK.

Accordingly, have notified the company in May in a private conversation with other business leaders that it is preparing already alternative locations abroad. Ford operates two engine plants in the UK, where around 13,000 people are employed. Also a large number of suppliers, which employ thousands of additional workers that would be affected by the decision.

reported As a participant in the conversation, the “Times” would be pronounced other company representatives issued similar warnings. “It’s not here to contingencies. We are taking steps because of the uncertainty. This is real,” said the participants of the British newspaper.

in January, Ford announced that the U.S. group for the case of an unregulated must Brexits expect costs in the amount of up to one billion dollars, as the “Handelsblatt” wrote. The latest announcement comes only a week after the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan announced that he wanted to cancel the plans for the construction of a new model at its plant in Sunderland, as “the Times” reported.

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