The dominant country in the EU is Germany and the country’s dominant political Alliance, the Union, consisting of the CDU and the CSU since the rise of the AfD is no longer viable, Soros. “Europe slumbers in oblivion, and the people in Europe need to Wake up before it is too late,” writes the American billionaire in his guest post on the platform, “Project Syndicate”. The current leadership would remind us of the Politburo, when the Soviet Union collapsed.

elections to the European Parliament in may 2019 will be marked a turning point

The first step is to protect Europe against its internal and external enemies, was to identify the extent of the threat they pose. The second step was to Wake the sleeping Pro-European majority and to mobilize them to defend the values on which the EU was founded. Otherwise, it could be the dream of a United Europe into a nightmare of the twenty-first century.

As a turning point Soros makes the elections to the European Parliament in may 2019, when the anti-European forces would have a competitive advantage. Debt, the practical impossibility of a contractual amendment, and the Absence of legal instruments to discipline the member States, in breach of the principles, on which the European Union was founded.

Soros is regarded as an influential adversary of Orban

“The outdated party system in most European countries hinders those who want to preserve the values on which the EU was founded, however, helps those who want to replace these values with something radically different,” writes the American billionaire in his guest post. Add to this that the TRANS-European alliances will be completely determined by the self-interest of the respective heads of state. The conservative European people’s party (EPP) is the worst offender, and completely skrupelos. The pointing to their willingness, the right-wing populist Fidesz party of Hungarian heads of government Victor Orban as a member of their group in the EU Parliament, in order to secure majorities and to control the allocation of top positions in the EU.

Soros is regarded as an influential adversary of Orban. This accused, in turn, the top candidate of European socialists, Frans Timmermans, the “list of Pro-immigration parties” to lead and to be the candidate of Soros grace. “Brussels is the capital of the new internationalism, your tool the Migration,” said Orban. This Brussels controlled by the Soros, whose Plan it was, the identity of European Nations by Muslim mass-destroy no hike. Those countries that support the Migration, “produce, in reality, a mixed population,” claims the Hungarian Prime Minister.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit “contract-breaker” Lagarde at the EU top? Hans-Werner Sinn warns IMF Boss ak


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