The vegan pet food “Vegdog” has triggered fierce criticism. Tessa fences-Figlar and the two Veterinarians, Valerie Hansen, and Lisa Walther had it presented last Tuesday, in the TV show “höhle der Löwen”.

the idea for The meat-free animal feed fences-Figlar. Your dog Nelson had developed a food intolerance, which is why you fed him for years, vegan with success. But this diet is for every dog to be healthy?

Young or sick animals should not be vegan

not, are fed Scientifically sound studies on the subject there says Susan Kröger of veterinary nutrition consulting in Berlin. The Specialist veterinarian for animal nutrition, says: “It is probably possible that you can feed an adult, healthy dog with a well-balanced diet is vegan.” Don’t want to recommend them to dog owners of vegan food package. The dog is not a Wolf but still his diet was based once mostly on meat.

Young or sick animals should be feed a dog owner in no way vegan. Young dogs might develop growth disorders. “The need for certain nutrients, for example essential amino acids is higher,” says Susan Kröger and some of these amino acids get the animals mainly by meat.

vegan food in case

If a vegan feed is declared as a complete feed, it may be Kröger, according to a balanced feed. Then all the important nutrients for the dog should be included. But this would have to be checked in each individual case.

much more difficult is it, a balanced vegan menu for the four-legged friend for you to compile. Then there is a danger that the dog developed a nutrient deficiency.

ask your veterinarian

Who would like to feed your dog, you should discuss in advance with the veterinarian for advice. He can advise you extensively and individually to the needs of your dog.

in Particular, in case of a permanent waiver of the meat and milk products in a balanced and varied diet is of great importance.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex “cave of the lion”: vegan dog food viewers lik dog food vegan dog food outraged


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