The video evidence comes in the League since last season, in the Premier class, the technique is used to Play the eighth-final. The rules for VAR are based on the for the Bundesliga relevant Protocol of the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

So the video evidence works in the Champions League

Only in case of clear wrong decisions for a four-game situations, the video referee to intervene: goal, penalty, sending off and the game confusion in the case of personal penalties. The Referees will control it may be more often the situations on the screen at the edge of the field, as in other contests.

Only in the case of de facto decisions – such as, for example, off issues – you should follow the VAR-judgment without an own view.

What is the difference to the League

there is a Crucial difference to the League System is that the video referee will be in each stadium – and not in a Central office, such as the so-called Cologne cellar.

this is due to technical Details that do not make a uniform Transmission of TV-signals from different European countries.

Videobweis in international competitions

Originally, the UEFA had planned the introduction for the upcoming Europe League season. In contrast to FIFA, at the FIFA world Cup in 2018 to the video referee, had hesitated, the European umbrella organisation for longer with the introduction. The king class does not remain with the new change, however, alone:

In the Europa League, the final in Baku (29. May) from the VAR (Video Assistant Referee, d. ed.) be monitored, as well as the UEFA Supercup in August. In addition, the video evidence at the final tournament of the Nations Cup (5. to 9. June in Portugal), as well as at the U21 European Championships in Italy (16. June up to 30. June) are used.

“VAR is not perfect”

The UEFA warns of the Premiere of the video proof in the Champions League against too high expectations. “The VAR (Video Assistant Referee, d. ed.) is not perfect,” said UEFA refereeing head Roberto Rosetti in Rome on Wednesday: “Behind the screen sits a man, and that is clear. We must continue to work to reduce the wrong decisions.“

so Far, nine European leagues have adopted the technology, including Spain, Italy and France. The English Premier League wants to use the technology from next season in all Games.

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