“were Today washed up here, the first television,” said the on the island living, the Green party politician Meta Janssen-Kucz, spokesperson of her party in the lower Saxony state Parliament for ports and shipping. “Our biggest concern is the dangerous goods, the peroxides. We hope that the rescue chain from authorities and the shipping company works.” Beach runner the Spa had discovered the TV in the Morning, as the NDR reported. It had been around 30 devices, and a few other household items washed up, confirmed the island’s police.

the sinking of the giant ship “MSC Zoe” in the North sea has fallen overboard containers will be dealing with the authorities and the concerned shipping company in Germany and the Netherlands, probably for a long time. “The shipping company commissioned salvage company is likely to be a week long in use,” said a spokesman for the Central command for Maritime emergencies in Cuxhaven. “We go according to the shipping company, MSC is currently a little over 270 containers that went overboard,” he told on Friday. “Should be according to the latest figures, a Container with the dangerous goods Dibenzoyl peroxide.”

authorities are particularly vigilant

On the Dutch Wadden sea Islands soldiers have begun on Friday with the cleanup of the beaches. There are already more than 20 containers have been rinsed, about a dozen more were spotted in the water floating. About 100 soldiers arrived in the early Morning on Schiermonnikoog. In the night, a second bag with peroxide, which was load found. Dibenzoyl peroxide is used for the curing of resins or as a bleaching agent, it can explode in an extreme case in extreme heat. The beaches and coasts of the Frisian Islands are littered with objects and packaging waste from the containers.

At the East Frisian coast, the German authorities are particularly vigilant, for the island of Borkum had already been on Wednesday a warning message is discontinued. Not open containers and released materials should be touched, alert the authorities.

shipping company “MSC Zoe” has to bear the costs

in lower Saxony environment Minister, Olaf Lies (SPD) expects that even more lands. “The calculations have been made, show that the island of Borkum, Juist and Norderney are likely to be affected – the other Islands more,” he said in Hannover. It was now, to prevent in addition to environmental damage, dangers to life and limb for the local residents and tourists, and to prevent in the future with appropriate technical possibilities in such cases. For the cost of the polluter – pays – the shipping company had to bear ultimately the cost.

Besides, Read also the environmental organization Greenpeace made for the equipment of dangerous goods containers with automatic Trackers. This is to ensure that containers can be found with dangerous substances under the water quickly.

Ten containers in German waters spotted

The “MSC Zoe” had lost the Container in the night on Wednesday in a stormy sea on the way from Antwerp, Belgium to Bremerhaven. There, the 395-metre-long ship giant is discharged. The water police in Bremerhaven will resume on Monday with the Federal office for ship accident investigation, the investigation to the exact cause of the accident, it said.

In German waters have been sighted ten Container, one of which has already been secured. “Normally, most of the containers go down after some time because they stay full of water,” said the spokesman of the emergency command. In the case of the search under water also, the special vessel “Wega was used” by the Federal Maritime and hydrographic Agency (BSH) with his sonar device. From the multi-purpose vessel “Neuwerk” and coordinated the action. Also two Tons of investors were on Friday at the Search and rescue work. “On the weekend to deteriorate in the weather,” said the spokesman. While this could complicate the salvage of containers on the sea, but on the other hand, the North-West is likely to anspülen wind increasingly flotsam.

Almost 300 containers lost: mass detention of Goods to the North sea beaches, washed up, FOCUS Online/Wochit/nonstop news Were on North sea beaches, washed up cvh/dpa


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