The prelude to the ZDF-food test-Marathon is one of the most popular TK-type of product: the frozen pizza. No student apartment come without them, not a dad in this country has not done his hungry young with the amount of dough by Wagner and co. fed. “Stress freiestes eat,” says Mola Adebisi: “Rip, shove, finished.” We still talk about Pizza? But there are differences, TK-Pizza is not the same as frozen Pizza. The Wagner-copy is 107% more expensive than the products of the cheap manufacturers. What justification is there for Wagner, this is more than twice the price?

hand finished in frozen pizza, like the Italian

The on-the-spot appointment with the manufacturer promotes nothing Surprising to – day, Wagner uses very fine ingredients, in the manufacture of a Trick. Except maybe that employees will need to Supplement the lack of salami slices by Hand, and finally the customer expects seven of discs – and the customer is king.

In the investigation of the coating amount of the laboratory test, however, comes to the following conclusion: Wagner puts less sausage, ham and cheese on the Pizza than the competition, the Edeka Pizza features Mozzarella – and stands out from the other pizzas, the spoil of the Northern European palate, with Edam and Gouda. So again the question: Why the high price in Wagner?

The learns the ZDF audience in a blind test with 100 participants, but that the Wagner-tastes like Pizza is obviously better than the “Good & Cheap”-competitor. Which is less good, but cheaper. This is perhaps more to it, because at the ZDF, you have the double pack against the single product to compete and pins, so confusion – we get in the Edeka own-brand twice as much Pizza for the price of a half-Wagner-Pizza?

a Craft that is rather worrying, dear ZDF! Little tip: if you really want to know why Wagner has more demands for its Pizza, take a look at how much advertising the company furnace, for example, for its stone pizza compared to the competition of Edeka and co. makes.

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Iglo for fish in the rain forest

So that the Pizza would be fillet eliminated, and the next one is the frozen-fish of captain crunch and his “mother of all ready meals”: the Schlemmer. In addition to the captain of fishing vessels, including Lidl and Aldi, the world, sell the seas be empty, the fish then, but for the half. How is that possible?

the quality, it can not be, according to ZDF-the experts from the Hamburg fish market – how also comes in fish fillet verbratene Alaska Pollock however, in all cases from the same fishing area. The judgment of the experts: “Just because it is a brand product, is it therefore not better.” Just more expensive. And what the manufacturer says? The Interview with the Marketing chief of the captain. “The Iglo products make a variety of things better than the No-Name products”, certified by the chief advertising man of Iglo fillet of his Schlemmer.

For example, the amount of fish that ends up at the cap’n in the fish fillet – the deck at 70 percent. “That is not less than the competition.” The skilled person is thus but the self. The hard-ZDF-Research before the Interview showed that: the No-Name products contain more fish, and although an average of 75 percent. Confronted with the language the way the Marketing man short. And this shows For good entertainment, it doesn’t need a Michelin star chef. For investigative journalism, so we don’t know that the cap’n mess, less fish, but also palm oil. The competition is not.

the results Summarized so far: Iglo sold less fish to a more expensive price and not transformed the world’s seas into dead wastes, but also the rain forest. The customers don’t care, they attack still dear to the brand product, after all, we trust brands more. Even if the to work with palm oil. Why the Käpt’n is cooking with the cheap grease? “At the end of the day, it must taste,” says the Marketing chief. If it tastes to the customer, Iglo satisfied. Clearly, because then the cashier is ringing on Board. The mandatory blind test with 100 test-eaters indicates that the Iglo-fish actually tastes better than the fish of the competition. But because palm oil is in there, and less fish and even for more money, goes the round of the cheap fish from Lidl.

press meat chicken-cut test degenerates to the real satire

next, the chicken cuts. Product developer Sebastian Lege shows what’s inside: scraps of Meat from the bones, chicken skin for flavor, spices and phosphate for the right bite. “Really crisp”, it promises. Rounding out the Ensemble made of the Cheapest ingredients, such as water. “Ensures juiciness and Profit.” Put skin all in the meat grinder, and (almost) ready for the chicken Schnitzel, and must not be called that, because it is made of pressed meat. The breading is still missing. “A Mess-first quality product” is the verdict of the ZDF. The laboratory test results: at Least no bone or Cartilage left in the cuts. Which would be a sign of “poor quality” – no, the ZDF-food test is not a satirical show.

The No-Name-cuts from Real to Surprise, then from 70 percent of the contiguous muscle meat, the brand product of Zimbo comes to just 10 percent. The consumer doesn’t care, 55 of 100 blind tasters find the marks-cuts better. Because cuts are no chips, Zimbo will be pressing the flesh out of the deal and all the real chips cost about the same as the finished product, the cut-Check no winner. Why you have made the effort, you will know only the ZDF.

TK-vegetables come in all the same box

The last 10 minutes of air time then go for frozen vegetables on it, buy at least two-thirds of Germans regularly. In the Ring Frosta against the assembled No-Name rising competition. Shocking realization: the low-cost providers do not declare where their vegetables come. The only Frosta. For pan Italia is in its “vegetables-” not a single bean from Italy. And in the case of the competition? The laboratory test shows that at Least the beans come from the same fields, as in the case of Frosta. The Director lets the cat out of the bag. “It is really so, we produce for all.” Frosta is for everyone. The 100 blind tasters, the No-Name product taste, but better.

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