“Who knows?” – this is a question on a Saturday night (20: 15/The First one) Udo Wachtveitl, Miroslav Nemec, Smudo and Michi Beck.

  • “Who knows something XXL”: Live Stream of the ARD

“crime scene”commissioners Wachtveitl and Nemec

since 1991, Udo Wachtveitl and Miroslav Nemec go as the investigative team Batic and Leitmayr in Munich the “crime scene” together on the trail. In the case of “Who knows something XXL” to the two “crime scene”commissioners, however, every man for himself in search of the right answers.

they are Supported in their investigations by the two experienced rate Bernhard Hoecker and Elton foxes.

“Fanta 4”: Smudo and Michi

in 1991 was for “Fantastic Four” is a miles stone, appeared this year, however, her first piece of “here we go”. The beginning of an incredible Band’s history, which is not over yet. In the case of “Who knows something XXL” welcomes Kai plum, two of the “Fantastic Four” for the rate duel. Smudo and Michi Beck, in order to give as many correct answers to qualify for the final.

What the audience expects from “Who knows something XXL”?

Because this is the only one of the celebrity guests that can be achieved at the end of the day’s victory and to win 50,000 Euro for a good purpose.

Again, viewers expect of the audience in “Who knows something XXL” highly exciting Studio experiments and a few animal Surprises.

(Text: ARD)



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