The political Berlin is just else where. In the Alps, in the Saar, Rhine, or real abroad, in Saxony or Hamburg. The Federal President wacker holds the position that the Federal Minister of defence discussed issues of Self – and national defence, as well as the new location in the Alliance. And otherwise, the headlines, the want to convey what might go this year, among fill, especially those. Rest of the program is the same, with the the advent weeks. Tenor: Friedrich Merz.

As a Minister, as Prime Minister, as Chancellor candidate and – of course – as the Chancellor. One for all. One for all.

What is Friedrich Merz?

The question What is Friedrich Merz? The hard dog that was adopted nine years ago from the political scene, or the wide-band-politician, made for the shares to asset formation by workers is strong, the right to asylum in the current Form as a test doubted, recognition took place at the end of words for the Green party and the “marriage for all” accepted? The answer is: neither. It’s not about the 63-year-old lawyers from the Sauerland region. It’s about the myth Merz, to the figure of the Messianic size, which must serve as a projection surface for almost everything.

FOCUS Online Margarete van Ackerens Berlin week

most Recently, he was traded to the image claimed to be “on” as a possible CDU candidate for the state election in 2021 in the state of Baden – Württemberg. Suddenly, the comments from the southwest to not sound excited to Merz then so exuberant. No wonder, because there is already a certain crowd; both of the country party leader Thomas Strobl as well as Minister of culture Susanne Eisenmann have ambitions. Interesting: the Other one likes to move about erratically with Merz, in their own realms it is like the politicians of seemingly unattainable – as unreal size then maybe but not home.

Can only save a CDU, it is not save

some comment to Merz is more than strange. Downright provocative with the statement: “It is Friedrich Merz as representatives of the economic and financial wing needs.” So there is the question: What is as beautiful a, Carsten Linnemann, the Chairman of the SME Association of the CDU and the CSU (WITH)? And: Has the profile of a certain Ralph brinkhaus over the years as an excellent expert in the financial matter? Or want some Union people, has given to your group leader of Merkel in front of nearly 100 days of a painful defeat, as the backbenchers capture? The never-ending Calls for Merz have almost pretty naive trains.

In the Other: A party that could only be done by a single man saved, wouldn’t be anyway to save.

realism meets> the myth of

So, Kramp-karrenbauer point brought the discussion back where it belongs: to the realm of reality. From higher spheres down to the Profane. You have counted the last Breakfast before the Federal Cabinet. “The Cabinet was complete”, taunts you. “There is a demand there is for the Chancellor not to act.” Realism meets myth. This as – of- late – response by the party leader on Merz, who had self-certified a few days earlier, the Minister-Format and thus the bar for a Comeback quite high.

K-question as AKK-question

The party boss saw clearly to the emotional full braking force. She had previously signaled clearly that it wants to integrate Merz. She also wanted to, was discussed finally. But as a kind of Next party leader, as shadow man does not want to have ambitions for Higher and the Highest you him, next to or behind. “AKK” do not need to defend only your own initial right of access to the Chancellor candidacy, but you must prevent that your party is processing now up to two and a half years at the K-question. Because that would push the CDU in polls so far down, that this will inevitably lead to their Image as Chairman by beat. Dispute – the summer and autumn months, now really is the safest way to run the Union down.

Only in the Opposition s “CDU is’pure”

the desire is to Merz and anyway as a deeply paradoxical feeling. If now the CDU-sizes the pure party doctrine, “the CDU pur reinforced”, call for, then this might appear as a bait for the own clientele fit. Over the years, is actually often advised from the point of view, what the European Union is self – standing, so to speak, originally. Only this promise comes exactly in the government act in nature in accordance with their limits. “The CDU pur” is a project that not many would have then probably better: it’s called Opposition.

The price for the Rule is – as long as absolute majorities in far out of reach of the compromise, and that is the need to pay the Union over and over again, as long as they ruled. Compromises were not about Angela Merkel’s betrayal of your party, but you necessary to pay tribute to the government’s ability.

expulsion from Paradise

Also, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer as the Chancellor would have to take at the end of compromises. It takes concessions. The Greens, the FDP or the SPD. As always, in any combination. And even – believe it or not – a friederizi Brazilian age would be at the end of a time of compromise. If the Union comes to the government.

for a few days may be floating some of the coalition annoyed CDU, the Protagonist, in other spheres, like mentally in the CDU-pur-Paradise stay. Then it’s time to leave the heavenly realms, it’s time for political realism.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Against increase: Lindner calls for a transmitter more efficiently


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