From the mass publication of part of personal data on the Internet, several Hessian leaders are affected. Among other things, were phone numbers of party leaders and into the net. Nationwide, the Online was to attack hundreds of Celebrities, including many politicians.

To include the via Twitter released data, among other things, addresses, telephone numbers, or Chat histories. The Deputy spokesperson of the Federal government, Martina Fietz, warned on Friday in Berlin, it is also fake data could be in the Material introduced.

be flown down To the manner in which the data, “can still not be established with certainty”, said a spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry. Security authorities have stated that it is “relatively current as well as older data packages”.

A spokesman for the Hesse Ministry of the interior confirmed that even politicians from the country were the target of the attacks. The Federal authorities and the Hessian security authorities are in close contact and determined. The state is a so-called risk assessment in the area Concerned. If it was, would be taken appropriate protective measures.

From the Hesse SPD state boss Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel had been provided a mobile phone number into the grid, which, however, is up to date, said an SPD spokesman. The Name of the Hessian FDP Chairman Stefan Ruppert on the list. Ruppert see the thing in a relatively relaxed, said an FDP spokesman. Although his actual cell phone had been released number, so far, only two friendly messages from an unknown source had arrived.

“Hessian CDU politicians, are affected by the hacker attack, including members of the state government,” said the CDU spokesperson in Wiesbaden. “According to our current knowledge, no sensitive data has been published.”

“What we do know currently that there has been a massive attack on the privacy of the Hessian politicians”, the Parliamentary Manager of the Greens in the state Parliament, Jürgen Frömmrich,. “Why this happened, how it came to be and how big the scale is, you can not say at this time.”

Schäfer-Gümbel said: “We are obviously dealing here with an attempt to to stir up concern and uncertainty.” If there’s a political motive, standing, still needed to be clarified.

On the Twitter Account, lists of goods have been Affected by published, which, according to party membership sorted. By far most of the entries there were on the CDU list. The AfD group is the only one in the Bundestag, to be published in the no list.



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