A Transport as usual on the staircase, the room had not been possible. The fire Department has a crane with special accessories of heavy-weight people. On site you have found, however, that the heavy-duty rescue truck because of the body of the woman, wealth was not suitable for Transport.

that’s Why you’ve requested in addition to the fire brigade is an emergency bus with a hospital bed. The woman was then spent with a special Rescue through a window to the outside transported and the emergency bus to the hospital and been driven. The use of a fire service from Mönchengladbach crane, a change loader vehicle, a Small Truck, a heavy rescue truck, as well as the guide service been involved.

The health condition of the woman were no further details. You’ve gotten due to illness to the hospital, it said.

FOCUS Online/Wochit they Neglect their health? With four questions, you find out it’s nuclear power plant Overweight


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